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A Fast Food Health Revolution

Anna Starostinetskaya writing for VegNews shares a potentially enormous paradigm shift, a nationwide partnership between McDonalds leading meat supplier OSI Group, and plant-based meat substitute developer, Impossible Foods; offering plant-based burger substitutes to consumers who normally choose to consume meat based products in various fast food chains. OSI Group enthusiastically partnered with Impossible Foods once it recognized that its 60 years of experience supplying McDonalds with meat strategically position it to capitalize upon a significant opportunity; supplying and enhancing the production capacity for millions of plant-based Impossible Burgers to seamlessly flow throughout fast food chains of numerous customers.

Since the introduction of Impossible Foods’ plant-derived fast food burger, consumer craving has been driven into a frenzy. Over the span of 60 years, McDonalds has met the demand for over one-billion requests for meat products. The meat supplying company aims to meet the demand for delicious plant-based products that surprisingly taste and has a similar texture as meat. News Version suggests that consumers are saying that the delicious taste and texture of the Impossible Burger is what is influencing thousands of restaurants to order Impossible Foods products. Previously, it seemed incomprehensible that there could be a plant-based burger that taste and has a similar texture as meat but now those days are over.

The next building block within this unique and a successful partnership is solidifying locations to sell the product on a continual basis. Finding locations to sell Impossible Foods products seems to be limitless. Burger King has indicated that by the end of 2019 it will offer Impossible Burgers in all of its USA franchises. Not only is Burger King partnering with Impossible Foods but White Castle has partnered. Their Impossible Sliders’ are literally flying off the counters. Once the Impossible Burger skydive into all fast foods, its presence will be overwhelmingly global. OSI Group’s partnership with Impossible Foods empowers plant-based, meat tasting and textured burgers to go nationwide and in time international through an efficient supply chain network.A perfected network, equals satisfied customers, resulting in skyrocketing sales. It seems a health-based revolution has entered into the fast food industry.

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