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The Life of Clement Perrette Of RAM Investments

Clement Perrette is the chief executive officer of RAM Active Investments which he joined in 2016. Before joining RAM Investments, Perrette had worked with several organizations such as Deutsche Bank, and Barclays capital among others. In 1989 clement graduated with a degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in finance in1990. After his graduation clement got a job as a financial analyst in USA, France as well as New York City. While working at Barclays capital clement served as the managing director, a position that enabled him to take the company to higher level and ranking. That is throughout his career at Barclays the firm was ranked number one at EUR rates house.

In 2011 clement relocated to Paris with his family, a situation that forced him to take a break from his job at Barclays. After a few months in Paris, Clement Perrette rented a cruising bird, sailing boat and sailed across the Atlantic. He later went back to Barclays to continue with his job as well as enhance his career in the finance sector. A few months after getting back clement was promoted, and he became the head of Barclays Investment. As the head, it was his duty to oversee every project as well manage the working teams. In 2013 clement decided to retire and joined RAM Investments as a senior managing director whose main responsibility is to manage the international bond total return funds.

After working for a few years at ram investments Clement Perrette Barclays decided to get involved in ocean preservation. That is, he got interested in marine life and wanted to work with scientists and biologists to help protect the oceans and other water bodies. Recently, Clement was given the role of an executive producer for a film, The Production of Ocean Souls. The main goal for this film is to educate people more about ocean souls like whales, dolphins and other animals living in water bodies. Clement is a role model for many young adults who want to be successful in life.

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