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The Big Picture and Small Details of Globalization with Maarten De Jeu

A quick look through a history textbook shows how business has been a core component of human life since the dawn of civilization. There are examples of everyday people who stumbled into something worth millions, and there are cases of royalty and lineage who pass the torch from generation to generation. As the scope and scale of goods have grown, businesses have had to embrace new methods to keep up with demand. The internet has become the go-to place for every single transaction. An individual from anywhere can buy stock, contact their partners, or generate a whole new idea with someone all the way around the world. This interlinked world is what makes the current era more unique than any time before it. Maarten De Jeu expands on the positive and negatives aspects of bringing the world together.

In a global economic environment, business leaders have had mixed signals on ventures into new lands. However, Maarten De Jeu belies creating new facilities abroad is the only way forward in these economic times. The benchmark of a successful business is presently determined by the amount of coverage their company spans. He has crafted countless strategies that turned countless concepts into successful ventures around the world. It involves a multi-layered approach that first starts by planning how to interact with the locals. Linguistic and cultural differences will quickly
become apparent if one doesn’t show a little respect to those in the new region. Maarten De Jeu suggests overcoming this hurdle by using the local workforce to handle daily operations. At the same time, adding products or alternating the presentation to appeal in the area is a safe move.

Additionally, Maarten De Jeu has his clients look at the big picture. He wants to know the purpose of the venture and why they have chosen a specific location. There are countless international laws and local regulations that might comes into effect on the scale of operation. Maarten De Jeu describes how some countries have more potential than others. However, choosing an undeveloped region could lead to profits down the line. Finding the middle ground among these factors is a hard choice, which should not be made on the first attempt. The safest route is to ease a company into the daily scene of a new region. Maarten De Jeu suggests studying the history of local market conditions. It will provide valuable insight into trends and the patterns that accompany their onset.

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The overarching goal a company should for is quality over quantity. An expansion has to be able to bring over the same level of product to the new region. A failure to meet consumer trust is a position that should be avoided.

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