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Unroll Me Can Help Empty Your Inbox

Unroll Me is a site that you can use to easily unsubscribe to emails that you no longer wish to receive information from. This program allows you to unsubscribe from these emails with a single click. You can also use it to unsubscribe from multiple emails at once by clicking each one you no longer want to see and Unroll Me will take your name off of each email list so that way you do not have to jump through the hoops of doing it yourself. 

All that you have to do is go to Unroll Me and sign up with your email address. You can use any email that you have, whether that be Yahoo, Gt will allow you to get more information from each subscription. So if there are subscriptions in that list that you like to see but you haven’t seen much of lately, you can add them to Roll Up and you will be added to a more daily updated email listing so you can see things from that subscription moreoogle, AOL, or any other email address that is not listed here. Once you have signed up Unroll Me will give you a list of all of the subscriptions that you have linked to that specific email. 

To unsubscribe you just have to click on the subscriptions that you no longer want to see appear in your email inbox anymore and let Unroll Me do the rest. You will never have to see spam subscriptions, or just subscriptions that you added a long time ago but forgot about, ever again.

Opposite of that, Unroll Me also has a feature tha often. But if that option seems like too much commitment, you can just click Keep In Inbox and Unroll Me will leave that subscription completely alone. 

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