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Marc Beer On Being A Successful Entrepreneur

As someone who has been in the biotech industry for over thirty years now, Marc Beer is no stranger to the ups and downs associated with a career in entrepreneurship but he takes it all in stride. So how has he managed to keep his head up through tough times? The 48-year-old businessman, philanthropist and father of three recently sat down to discuss how he became the man he is today. In a recent statement, he advised future aspiring entrepreneurs to always focus on giving back to communities in need, ensure you have a solid financial strategy and always be willing to compromise for the success of your business. Of course, this wisdom didn’t come to him overnight but rather when he was a student at Miami University. 

It was there where he discovered his love of business and ended up excelling in his classes. After graduating with his bachelor of science in the spring of 1987, he ended up taking the first job offer he received working in the sales training department of some company known as Abbott. He would serve in this role for over half a decade before accepting a position at Biostar as one of their corporate officers. While that position only lasted two years, he next found himself as the vice president of global marketing at a business commonly referred to as Genzyme. Finally, after four years there, he decided to open Viacell in May of 2000 in the Cambridge area. 

He designed the company to try and analyze the blood stem cells commonly found in the umbilical cords of new mothers to see if they could uncover any vaccines or cures for any types of disease. With over 300 people working there, the company proved to be thriving and eventually went public midway through the 2000’s. Not long, afterwards, however, he decided to close up shop and sell it for a whopping $300 million for reasons he still has not disclosed to this day. While he was anxious to move on to his next business venture, those plans were temporarily put on hold as he had to deal with the tragic loss of his wife, Jennifer, to a pulmonary embolism. Afterward, he took on a more central role in the lives of his three children. Learn more:

Soon afterward, however, his daughter helped him to see that the biotech industry is exactly where he needs to be. So in 2016, he returned to the business world with Renovia, a company dedicated to developing medical tools to help patients who are suffering from various conditions. The company is already succeeding with a $32 million grant for their R&D department and FDA approval for one of their products.

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