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Economic success of mr Richard Liu Qiangdong

The founder of J.D .com is a prominent figure that even Forbes is interested in how he built such an excellent company. Mr. Richard Liu is a graduate of the University of Renmin, where he completed his studies with a bachelor degree in Sociology. Mr. Richard Liu Qiangdong spent two years working with Japan Life. It is a company that channeled his focus in manufacturing health product. After gaining more knowledge from the China Europe International Business School, he joined the company to exercise those skills. Working with Japan Life opened his eyes into the actual world of business.

Mr. Richard Liu’s life revolved around entrepreneurship. He started with establishing a small scale store that dealt in magneto-optical products in 1998. The dedication to his work and skilled strategies enabled him to expand his store. Within a few years, the number of stores managed by the young, ambitious entrepreneur increased to more than ten stores. It was a great achievement for the young Mr. Richard Liu in his business career. The vicissitudes he faced in his journey could not stop him from investing in other markets. In the wake of 2004, he discovered an opportunity in e-commerce and channeled all his efforts in that direction.

The foundation of J.D. com began. He realized the benefits of partnership when he signed a deal with WeChat. The WeChat enterprises managed to improve the marketing of the J.D .com, and within a few years, they built a strong customer base. The growth of is akin to the great Alibaba firm. Mr. Richard Liu is a business mogul and has proven to the world that nothing will get on his way to achieve his targets. The Chief Executive of Officer of is a fully-fledged businessman that has the tasted up and downs of building a successful company. His has a great team with the required expertise that will ensure their excellence in the industry. His experience with the partnership is steering the company in the direction that will give more sponsors to invest in their industry. Hence, ensuring the expansion and establishment of other branches of the company.

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