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Sheldon Lavin Is A Successful CEO Who Cares About The Planet

Sheldon Lavin has always been a hardworking man who has pursued his goals with a focus unlike any other. He has worked in the finance industry and the meat industry and is currently the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Food Solutions. He first started working with OSI back in the 1970s when he set out to help the company get financing for a plant it was wanting to build. The plant’s purpose was to provide McDonald’s with the beef it needed for its hamburgers, and he eventually got OSI the funding required to build the plant. After doing so, the company asked Lavin if he would like to work within its ranks, and he agreed to do so but only if it would focus on rapid growth. Visit his website for more information.

Since the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin has done a lot to help build OSI into an international food company. OSI now has more than 65 facilities that are located in many different parts of the world. The company offers its customers a customized food experience, and thanks to Lavin, its reach is extensive. He has always focused on making the company one that functions more like a family. He supports the workers of the company, and his door is always open to any employee who like to have a word with him.

Sheldon Lavin believes that the environment is very important, and he has been doing a lot to steer his company in a more sustainable direction. He has decided that the use of modern technology can help his company to achieve these kinds of goals and has been implementing it at every level within OSI. The company has won multiple awards for its willingness to create a more sustainable operation, but Lavin feels his reward comes from creating a successful company that honors its customers and the planet.

Sheldon Lavin has also taken part in philanthropy for many years. He enjoys helping people in need and has donated large sums of money to organizations that work with American families. One of his favorite charitable organizations is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and he has been supporting it for many years.


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