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Jason Colodne: Filmmaker, Business Executive, Philanthropist

When a person achieves success in one area, they want to in other areas as well. By doing so, not only do they keep life interesting, but they also show how to lead a versatile and exciting life. In the case of financial services executive Jason Colodne, his versatility within various careers and other endeavors has been on display for many years. Whether he has been in charge of a major Hollywood film production or sitting in an office developing a strategic plan for a financial services company, he has always been able to do his best each and every time.

While making his name primarily in the financial services industry, Jason Colodne has also become one of the most respected producers in Hollywood. Having worked with such stars as Harrison Ford and many other Hollywood elite, Jason Colodne has been able to produce many successful movies over the years. In working on such movies as Earth to Echo, Brick Mansions, Act of Valor, and Paranoia, Jason has created movies that are captivating as well as financially successful. \

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Despite his success in Hollywood, Jason Colodne has chosen to remain a key figure in the financial services industry. One of his biggest achievements has been the co-founding of Colbeck Capital Management, which was created in 2009. Upon founding the company, Jason focused on several areas that led to tremendous success for the company, including portfolio documentation and management, corporate diligence, and fiscal execution of investments.

While he has achieved considerable success with Colbeck Capital Management, it has not been the only financial services company for which Jason Colodne has been successful. In fact, he has worked for many of the world’s foremost investment firms, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Patriarch Partners. At each of these companies, Jason has been instrumental in a variety of areas such as investment planning, strategic planning, loan documentation, credit trading, and other administrative situations. No matter what task was put in front of him, Jason was able to tackle it with the innovation and enthusiasm he has always been noted for over the years.

As he has been able to achieve more and more success over the years, Jason Colodne has also made it a priority to give back to others through his time and money. Because of this, he has found himself involved with many different projects. One that has been near and dear to his heart has been working with the Children’s Tumor Foundation, which has been noted for helping numerous children over the years in their fights against cancer. Along with this organization, Jason has also been a key part of the Centurion Foundation, which focuses on a number of different projects involving education, healthcare, and other areas.

In the next several years, Jason has many more projects planned that will likely become quite successful. Whether it is working on yet another Hollywood movie or developing a strategic plan for a financial services company, Jason will be there with his innovative thinking.

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