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Plan For The Perfect Home and Phillips: The Future of Retail Using Artificial Intelligence

Technology is changing the the landscape of retail. No longer do you need to physically go to a store to shop. The World Wide Web and eCommerce has made it convenient to order products for delivery from a computer, in the comfort of your own home. and Phillips, a leading company of health technology, at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, that they will be using artificial intelligence to study the behavior of consumers at’s eCommerce store. The goal of the two companies is to maximize the performance and retail sales on the website.

The artificial intelligence will an analyze the performance occurring at, and create a comprehensive marketing plan that will encompass analyzing the market, managing marketing strategies and developing an effective product strategy.

Using natural language technology and computer vision, artificial intelligence will makes sense of structured and unstructured data to understand what makes them “searchable.” It will analyze forms of data that include social media, audio and video associated with as consumer reviews, product pages, feedback from customer service and advertisements.

Predicting the behavior of consumers and groupie of users will occur through machine learning. Bowen Zhou, the Vice President of Jingdong and the President of their Artificial Intelligence, acknowledges that companies, whether they are eCommerce or brick and mortar retail stores, need to be able to connect with their consumers. This helps to be able to give consumers whatever they want, when they want it.

He states that their artificial intelligence will help their brands market their products to consumers more effectively and be more cost efficient now and in the future. They will no longer waste money advertising to consumers that are not interested in certain products. They can now specifically target them with only the products they are invested in buying, saving both time and money.

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