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Sheldon Lavin Oversees the Latest OSI Group Innovation. :

Sheldon Lavin has made the OSI group one of the most eco friendly food suppliers around. Innovation is no strange concept to OSI though. Innovation was present when Otto & Sons went from being a butchers shop to becoming a much larger (business-to-business) provider of best food products and meat. This new sustainable philosophy is actually just the tip of the ice burg. OSI Group has been leading inventively within its industry for over a century. Let’s take a look at the first big innovation that caused OSI to really take off. The technology to flash freeze beef (and other meats,) is the secret weapon that fueled OSI’s original expansion efforts.

It is this technology that allowed the OSI Group to become the official food supplier of McDonald. The company grew with innovation, and it still continues to do so over ten decades later! When McDonald’s grew and required much more supply, OSI developed the idea of building a production facility dedicated solely to McDonald’s products. This allowed McDonald’s to have customized food options supplied to them that would set them apart from other fast-food restaurants. Strategically building a plant with a specific brand purpose is something that Sheldon Lavin pulls the trigger on all the time now.

The McDonald’s relationship is where this all started, however. Under his innovative leadership, OSI was ranked number fifty-eight by Forbes Magazine in 2016. They are one of the largest suppliers of food products on the entire planet right now. If you eat fast food, chances are you’ve eaten OSI Group’s products.Sheldon is no young guy around the office either. He’s been with OSI since the mid-1970s. This means that when OSI used strategic acquisitions to distribute produce in China, it was Sheldon Lavin running the show. His professional career has been a rewarding one indeed.

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