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Ara Chackerian, Entrepreneur And Angel Investor Channeling His Energy

After earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree at Florida State University, Ara Chackerian headed to California. Where he’s invested in the San Francisco community and he’s an entrepreneur en route to giving back far more than he takes. Early on in his career, he began working in the healthcare services industry. Now two decades and multiple entrepreneurial enterprises later, he fostering the spirit of sustainability in Chinandega, Nicaragua.

Sustainability efforts there include a locally cultivated teak wood farm. The farm, Finca de Limonapa is centrally in the “City of Oranges,” the 5th largest municipality in Nicaragua. Known for its volcanoes, Chinandega provides Ara Chackerian with ash-rich soil, which is excellent for growing and harvesting teakwood on the 1000 acres. The soil is adaptable and fertile and it needs very minuscule amounts of rain. This allows for the greatest number of teak wood trees to grow in harmony with nature, helping to cut the devastating effects of deforestation.

Aside from business, Ara Chackerian also writes for, his blog covers topics of interests. He allows readers to get to know another side of him and not just see him as an investor, entrepreneur and healthcare services expert. As mentioned, Chackerian values planting new trees for those cut down. And not only in Nicaragua, but he wrote about the subject of reforestation, like an issue important to global sustainability. Ara Chackerian provides a deeper look at how simple the solution is based on scientific analysis. Because trees as we know, give oxygen in exchange for absorbing carbon dioxide. Concluding that one tree, at maturity, is capable of absorbing 48 pounds of carbon dioxide, annually.

Ara Chackerian career includes the business he founded and served as CEO and President of BMC Diagnostics until it was acquired and sold in 2007.

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