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African Business Investor and Philanthropist Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is one of the wealthiest women in the world. Dos Santos acquired her wealth by investing in a number of businesses that are in highly lucrative industries. She is originally from Angola in Africa and is the daughter of one of its former presidents. With her influence, Isabel Dos Santos has been able to work with local communities, governments and businesses in order to create an economically prosperous environment. One of the ways in which she has used her influence to better the community is to engage in a number of philanthropic activities.

She has spent many years encouraging women to become entrepreneurs as well as making speaking engagements at colleges. During the past two decades, Isabel Dos Santos has invested in a number of businesses as well as managing them. She has invested a considerable amount of capital in some of the leading companies in the world. With her capital and management expertise, these companies have become even more successful than in the past (Instagram).

All of the business ventures that she has been involved in has enabled her to become a very wealthy individual. With her wealth, she has looked to help improve the local and international community. In order to give back to her community, Dos Santos participates in many philanthropic activities. One of the most significant activities that she has done in order to help her local community is by helping women become more financially self sufficient. Since she has spent many years in business, she has looked to encourage women to do the same. On a regular basis, she encourages women to start up their own companies and make valuable contributions to the African economy.

Another way in which Isabel contributes to the community is by giving speeches. She regularly visits Yale University and talks to many students. During these speeches, Isabel Dos Santos talks about her past experiences in business, how to invest in a business, the potential of young entrepreneurs and also encourage young people to pursue their goals and dreams. With her speeches, she has been able to both educate and motivate young people in the United States and the rest of the world.

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