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Ryan Seacrest’s Accomplishments in the Media Industry

Ryan Seacrest is a successful businessman in the media. He is the host of American Idol. When the show kicked off, it started gaining followers, which brought him recognition. Starting in 2006, Ryan Seacrest hosted for Entertainment network. Though he left the company, he continues to be the managing editor for the network’s news. On NBC, he was the host for Rio Olympics Games for the live-late night segment. He also hosts other events that run on the network. Ryan Seacrest also works at Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest established his own company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. His company has produced reality shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. His expertise and knowledge in the media industry have enabled other investors to invest in his projects. Ryan Seacrest Foundation was an initiative which, together with his family, came up with they wanted to find a way which they could keep sick children entertained (TMZ).

Since Ryan’s speciality is media both for television and radio, they established a studio in children’s hospitals. The main aim of Seacrest studios is to continue to engage the patient in fun activities that distract them from their medical issues. They are able to forget about their conditions and treatments and make something useful out of their lives. The foundation partners with other companies to provide more aid to the children and their families. His philanthropic activities have transformed the lives of many.

The businessman owns a men’s clothing brand called Distinction, founded in 2014. His career in media has taught him important tips on image and grooming. His life in the limelight became a good business opportunity to be a leading and influential mogul in the style and grooming of men. The brand Ryan Seacrest offers clothing items such as suits, sweaters, accessories and pants. The vision for Distinction is to offer insight on how men can create polished looks. The detailing, fabrics and designs of the clothes help men choose a variety of modern and classic clothes. He also owns a men’s skincare line.

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