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Rick Cofer’s Insight on Determinate Sentences in the Justice System

One of the hotly debated matters within the realm of criminal justice reformation is on determinate sentences. They are theoretical and a real issue faced by defense attorneys like Rick Cofer and his clients on a daily basis. In this current era, we ought not to rebuke a case with biases rather consider an individual’s circumstances. In this article, we will look at child sex crime offenders and deduce a dreadful result.

Rick Cofer shares that juvenile crime cases are considered more sophisticated as compared to adult offenses. Not only are they still developing, but also their decisions are affected by the choices made by their families and the surrounding environment. They have inadequate maturity and life experiences to behave like adults.

How to address criminal offenses like child sex issues by young people

In this category of unlawful behaviors, the judge rules out the cases in favor of the offended. This puts the young individuals on the losing end. We must ensure the best justice is given to avoid danger, hurt, or flawed judgment. Determinate sentences may not provide optimal results for these cases. Rick Cofer attorney states that Determinate Sentences Act is being used to penalize offenders on a long-term basis rather than rehabilitative punishment as per the juvenile system followed by parole status.

What are the determinate sentences?

These are definite prison sentences that are not reviewed by the parole board or an agency. On the contrary, for indeterminate sentences, it means though there is a set minimum term, the release date is periodically reviewed as per the case and chosen by the parole board.

The disadvantage of determinate sentences is that it turns a blind eye to second chances through motivation and consideration of the positive behaviors. They are static and can last many years without flexibility or change at some point.

Rick Cofer Law explains the situation with a common domestic punishment for children by their parents or guardians. He states that caretakers should consider valuable teaching when mistakes are made. However, the law has acknowledged aggravated sexual assault where there was no violence. There is hope for redemption in the justice system.

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