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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Building a Brand Others Cannot Compete With

If you are looking for a success story to get inspired, take the example of the success that Richard Liu has achieved in his lifetime. He is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer at, which is the second-largest the e-commerce company in China and the largest direct-selling e-commerce company in the country as well. The net sales of the company cross over $60 billion annually, and it has the market capitalization of more than $57 billion and growing. The individual net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is over $7 billion, and as the company grows, it continues to grow as well. Many other major companies, including Tencent, Walmart, and Alphabet have stakes in, which has provided the company with the financial and intellectual resources to the company to branch out globally in the years to come.

Richard Liu is a man with a vision for his company, and he continues to hold the veto power in the board of management. Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to push the growth of sustainably over the years due to the innovative marketing strategies he has implemented. One of the ways he is able to do so is by doing a market and competition research as well as being interactive with the customers. He believes that knowing the customers’ feedback and being in touch with the customers is very important to understand what the company is doing right or wrong. It helps in crafting business and marketing strategies accordingly.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has worked for a company called Japan Life before starting a retail business in 1998 and even failed with a restaurant venture before that. It is his consistent attempt to achieve something and perseverance to get up again, even after failing, which finally bore him the fruit of success. It is the reason why he does not take anything lightly. He feels that it is essential for companies to keep improving their services so that they can engage their customers better. Adopting new technology is not just a trend for companies today, but it is a necessity.

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