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Greg Blatt Makes Tinder Moves For The Better

I’m sure we have all heard of married couples who met on a dating app. Well, love and matrimony take work. In their cases, there were others involved in their love match. That’s right, their love probably could not have existed if it wasn’t for people like Greg Blatt. Greg Blatt is a thoroughly experienced chairman of The Match Group who knows how to increase the match maker volume so that prosperity can happen in the name of love.

Over the course of his career, he has maintained high positions at companies like Match Group, Tinder, and IAC. Greg Blatt has an interesting educational background that helped prepare him for his current profession. He attended Colgate University to attain his bachelor’s degree in English Language Literature/ Letters and economics. He later studied law at Columbia Law School and achieved a Doctor of Law.

From 1995 to 1999 Greg Blatt served as an associate of many law firms. But he eventually tried different occupations. He later worked for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as executive vice president in general counsel and business affairs. Here Blatt enjoyed exercising his creative side by pitching in new and exciting ideas that got people’s attention. This may be just what he needed to prepare him to make some of the best business decisions of his life. Blatt later joined Tinder where he helped Tinder succeed tremendously by introducing Tinder Plus subscription offering. This wise decision helped Tender gain 1 million users.

People like Greg have made a significant difference in the way that business media and technology influence our ways of life. His perfect conditioning of educational concentrations and experiences have helped technology to enhance the way that we meet our loved ones. Great business minds like Greg Blatt will continue to help technology, real life, and business maintain a synchronized relationship.

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