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Paul Mampilly Assists the Working Class Investor

From Wall Street Investor

Paul Mampilly is switching financial gears! His reason for leaving Wall Street and becoming an editor at Banyan Publishing is fulfilling his desire to help the day worker tackle Wall Street and make headway as a successful investor. Paul Mampilly has helped large investment companies for over twenty years. Companies like Bankers Trust Company, Deutsche Asset Management, and Kinetics Asset Management, he feels its now time to help the regular working class investor. Paul Mampilly has an understanding that Wall Street leaves out a majority of people and he wants to help them thru his writing and giving his investment advice.

Banyan Hill Publishing

Now he works with Banyan Hill Publishing, which serves the thousands of individual investors who are seeking professional advice to build their portfolios of investments. As an editor and writer of several newsletters that go out to thousands of investors daily, Paul Mampilly sees an opportunity to bring the working class investor to a higher level of investing thru offering stock recommendations thru his personal research assisted by a team of analysts and researchers.

Long Hours of Research and Analysis

For every investment recommendation that comes from Paul Mampilly and his expert team, hundreds of hours are spent researching thoroughly every aspect a company has to offer. After all the research has been finalized Paul “Guru” Mampilly goes away and spends another 20-40 hours writing his recommendation fashioning his investment recommendations in language that can benefit each of his clients who subscribe to one or several newsletters he edits and authors.

High Returns From Investments

The result of his research and recommendations are seen in the results for his clients. His recommendations have been the focus of beating the market sometimes as much as 30% or higher per recommendation. While his clients are most grateful for his recommendations, “Guru” Mampilly has continued this type of research, analysis and investment strategy since his earliest investments as when he won the Templeton Fund Competition back in 2009 where he made a 76% return on a 50 million dollar investment.

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