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Rebel Wilson’s Co-Stars In The Cats Movie

Rebel Wilson recently turned 39 at the beginning of the month. She celebrated her birthday with her friends making cakes and doing an exercise called catzercise.

She is starring in the movie, Cats that is yet to be released. She showed the public some dance moves that she and her friends learned during their rehearsal. They wore cat costumes when illustrating the dance moves on their Instagram.

She was born in Sydney, Australia in March 1980. She grew up there with her three siblings being offered support by their parents. She grew up being shy until she went to a community acting class where she cried before her mother left. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

At the age of 15, she joined debate clubs to talk more so that she would build a great personality in herself. Her drama teacher emphasized her to join a creative competition that facilitated her in coming out of the shell.

The party conducted by her friends in Beverly Hills was a surprise to Rebel Wilson. She sang praises for the workout after they finished warming up. They went to Milk Bar for a cake-making class during her birthday. She congratulated Milk Bar on giving her a platform to party on her IG account. Her friends and she went to her house where they ate pizzas and performed the exercise they practiced on their rehearsal, catzercise.

The actor posted a picture of herself with the cast of Cats saying that they are incredible to work with them. Wilson will star in the movie alongside celebrities like Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, and Ian McKellen. She is happy to work with Taylor Swift who turned 29 this year. This is because Swift makes her illustrate her sexual vibe the movie in the musical part of the film.

Rebel praises Swift of being a lovely lady and being the sexiest cat in the movie in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Idris Elba, 46, agreed with what Wilson said when he was interviewed by Variety on March this year.

Taylor gave gifts to her costars who were happy about it and some posted them on their Instagram accounts. The movie Cats is set to hit the theatres on December 20th.

Being a funny character, Rebel Wilson is able to win the hearts of many individuals across the globe. Despite the many challenges that come her way, she insists that nothing is going to slow her down in achieving her goals. Going to an all-girls school, she developed an attitude towards girls having a career for themselves that would lead to a good life.

At the age of 17, she traveled to South Africa for an event which made her fall for acting. She attended the Australian Theater for Young People and the University of New South Wales. Due to her uniqueness, she got signed up on the second day by her agent in the United States. Rebel Wilson is a winner of several awards including the Glamour’s International Woman of the Year.

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