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Ara Chackerian’s Decades-Long Technology Startup Career and Forward-Looking Sentiments

In the past, startups in some industries such as healthcare have typically been harder to find backers for because of the initial lack of capital that it creates when the company’s stock IPOs; Nobody wanted to invest a lot of money for it to just drop straight out of the gate. However, the tides are shifting regarding this thanks to the enormous overall gains in the markets since the virtual beginning of the Obama presidency. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian knows a thing or two about startups, having created a few himself. Ara is the co-founder and creator of Limonapa Teak: an eco-friendly Teak tree harvesting company which provides many needed jobs to the local Nicaraguan market. Additionally, Ara is the founder of many healthcare technology companies in the area of diagnostic imaging: one of which implements transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Finding capital was admittedly difficult, even in one of the startup capitals of the world: New York City. According to 2017 figures, NYC raised about $803 million dollars for startups across 79 different companies. Jonathan LaMantia of concurs that based on an NYC Health Business Leaders article, “access to capital, proximity to major universities and support from local and state government” make it much easier for startups to get funded in the Big Apple. The report specifically included that this “included companies in the healthcare categories of devices and supplies; services; technology systems; pharmaceuticals and biotech; and other healthcare.” So clearly, Chakarian is not alone in his view of the prevailing attitude toward healthcare startups. NaviMed Capital’s managing director, Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh, agrees in his assertion that “We need more entrants to buy digital health companies.” NGP Capital’s John Gardner adds that “we are seeing the emergence of real, scientific wellness companies that combine genomic/biometric screening with rigorous population analysis and coaching support.” All of this seems to indeed indicate a shifting paradigm: one which could markedly improve investors accounts and also make a huge difference in the lives of many people in need of the benefits which these technologies hold.

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