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Rick Cofer Manages Time While Serving His Community

Rick Cofer had been serving as a prosecutor for almost 9 years before he made the decision to create his own law firm in order to help people in Central Texas who were facing criminal charges. when it comes to family violence, drug possession, drunk driving, and even more serious charges like assault, murder, and robbery, Rick Cofer has acquired a lot of experience over the years during his career in the judicial system. Along with his career in the Austin area, he is also highly involved with the community serving in different governmental roles as well as working with non-profit organizations.


One of the efforts that Rick Cofer has been working on lately is cleaning up parks around the Austin area. He was frustrated with just how lacking their waste and recycling programs were in the parks and decided to try to make some changes while working with stakeholders. A resolution for the Parks Board was passed by Rick Cofer that created a task force that he chaired to address these problems in the parks. The recommendations and funding plans were passed by a unanimous vote and became part of the budget for Austin for 2018 through 2019. The city parks are now on the right track when it comes to recycling and trash.


While Rick Cofer has been able to serve in a variety of different positions as a lawyer, he especially enjoyed working as a mental health attorney. While working for the Travis County’s Attorney’s Office, he was able to get a close view of how the mental health care system worked in Austin which is a perspective that many people never get to see. He enjoyed being able to help the patients that he was working for who was going through a crisis mentally by working with doctors, social workers, and advocates to try to provide the best care and planning for their future.


While Rick Cofer may be busy with all of his responsibilities, he is able to handle it all by taking steps to stay as productive as possible. Instead of putting things off for later, he tries to work on things as soon as he touches them. This is especially true if Rick Cofer knows that he can get the job done relatively quickly. Procrastinating with these small tasks just makes things take longer than they have to which can be detrimental to your responsibilities.

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