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The New CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s. He became the CEO in January of 2018. When he stepped into that position, he wrote an open letter to customers, employees, and franchisees stating what his goals are for the Papa John’s company. He stated in the letter that the leadership inside of Papa John’s just went through “unconscious bias training” and will plan to have the rest of the employees in the country go through the program as well.

One thing Steve Ritchie did is he went to big cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and a few other cities to listen to the feedback on how to make the company better. Papa John’s has assembled a team of inclusion experts to help the company with its diversity goals. Steven Ritchie also said that he is committed to adding more diversity in Papa John’s leadership. An initiative that Papa John’s is taking is rolling out a program that will expand the minority franchisee program.

Steve Ritchie said that he went into the pizza business 25 years ago because it brings people together. At Papa John’s, where he has found a home, people of all different backgrounds can work side by side. When Steve Ritchie became CEO, he claimed that diversity and inclusion was one of his top priorities. One thing the company will do to achieve this goal is support organizations that get rid of biases that keep people apart. They will also support the things that bring people together.

Papa John’s will be creating a franchise expansion program for minorities and women. Steve Ritchie also would wrote in his letter that he wants people to hold him accountable so the company can move in a better direction. He says that “people are at the heart of our business” and they would like to make people a priority.

The Papa John’s company will direct funds toward marketing and re-imaging to support the direction the company wants to go. Steve Ritchie is prioritizing people to bring us all together through pizza. He wants to reestablish trust with his customers especially the Millennial and Gen Z customers.

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