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Michael Phelps and Talkspace Announce a New Move

Mental health is paramount in the community. However, this subject remains to be one of the most complicated in the world at the moment. People do not want to speak about their mental status so that they cannot be judged by the community. Those who have any form of mental disorder are considered to be weak, so they prefer to remain silent. There are people who have dealt with depression and many dangerous conditions even when they were doing so well in their careers. Due to the stigma that is associated with the diseases, many people remained silent, and some committed suicide when things got worse. Talkspace, an online organization, was founded so that employees do not have to suffer in silence. Since the firm was started, it has raised awareness about the many conditions that have been experienced by workers in the workplace without speaking up. Check out this article at Talkspace to know more.

Talkspace might be in its initial stages, but it is making a significant impact in the lives of its customers. One of the people who have come out to join the organization is Michael Phelps. Many people know the star because of his impressive career life that has brought the country so much joy in the past. Just recently, the star announced that he was going to partner with Talkspace so that they can reach out to many mentally ill workers in the community. The move has been announced on national television so that the more people can be assisted.

When he was at the peak of his career, Michael Phelps realized that he was not a happy professional as he wanted to be. Despite the pride he was getting after winning awards, the star would retire home a very unhappy professional, and he did not want to share to the world about this. Years later, when the situation got worse, Michael Phelps felt the need to get professional help from a trained doctor so that he could live a good life. Michael wants to use his career life to encourage more employees to seek help from companies such as Talkspace. Michael Phelps and Talkspace will be having television discussions every now and then.

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