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TalkSpace: Innovation and Advocacy for Mental Illness

Talkspace Therapy, an IOS-based app co-founded by Oren Frank and his wife is a revolutionary method to bring a much-needed service to the public, in this case readily available licensed therapists. Frank commented that he was shocked by how many people who suffer from mental illness don’t have the means or access to a therapist. He further adds that the 1% should not be the only ones to able to seek help, therefore his app TalkSpace will be available to anyone who needs it for an affordable price.

In a recent announcement, Talkspace therapy told reporters and their customers that they will be partnering up with Olympic gold medalist Micahel Phelps. The partnership will include TV commercials where Phelps will talk about his own struggles with mental illness. Although news of the partnership was huge, what was bigger was the fact that Phelps took this time to tell the world about his own difficulties dealing with depression and anxiety. “It was difficult to seek help”, Phelps stated, and TalkSpace has allowed him to get the help he needs whenever and wherever he’s at in the world. Phelps further commented that he was hesitant at reaching out through messages, however, knowing that he was speaking to a professional therapist that has been vetted and approved left him feeling empowered after his sessions.

In addition to being a spokesperson for TalkSpace, CEO Oren Frank also stated that he will appoint Phelps to the Talkspace Board of Advisors. This move by Frank will allow Phelps to be apart of the next steps of TalkSpace. His real-life experiences with depression and anxiety will better help researchers develop new and innovative ways to combat mental illness, it’s stigmas as well as treatments.

TalkSpace is excited and pleased to have Michael Phelps join the team, Oren Frank would tell reporters. TalkSpace hopes that by sharing Michael Phelps own struggles with mental illness it will also allow others to come out and seek help, whether from their app or their own doctors and families.

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