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All About Neurocore Research

Neurocore Brain Performance Center is an organization that has been specializing in the provision of data-driven, training programs and brain-based assessments which have been helpful to both children and adults. It has enabled them to improve in their concentration, manage their stresses and sleep. The organization was established in 204 and it has now become a national authority. It has applied neuroscience with the nine brain performance centers that are located in Florida and Michigan. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Everyone has a knowledge that when you work out you will do recovery but it ends up that most of the people are not putting that right emphasis on the important recovery part, and it is sleep. It is according to Dr. Tim Royer who is the founder of Neurocore having been a neuropsychologist. The center is located in Grand Rapids at Michigan. The doctor has been referring to brain training as the sports next level. What it requires is getting into the right zone at the moment, where you will find the brains sweet spot for the specific function. During the game time, the spot is usually in high brain frequencies. Later, the brain will require to relax to the lower frequencies so that it can rest and recover. The phase is being described as “winding down’. everyone has the belief that what he or she is doing is effective even though in their minds there will still be spinning after getting to bed. It will end up disrupting sleep. Read more about Neurocore at

The stress is also known to trigger migraines. An example is a time when you are out of time, the kids aren’t dressed yet and then you end up missing car keys. So that you can top it off, then you will end up feeling the early migraine signs. The scenario becomes unpleasant and it’s not a coincidence. It makes many migraine sufferers to trigger stress as a symptom. The experts have not yet found the exact relationship that is between migraines and stress but they have already found a definite connection. The researchers are basing it using peptides are the root cause. The nerves cells become sensitive and overstimulated that result in migraine pain.


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