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Lori Senecal Remains a Role Model in the Business Industry

Lori Senecal remains one of the most admired and respected women in the industry of business. She is the current Crispin Porter + Bogusky CEO. Lori Senecal has never failed to meet the expectation of the company’s clients, thanks to her tactical vision of innovative leadership. She has continuously steered the company towards working with different organizations to enhance productivity and performance.


A role model in the industry


Lori Senecal is admired by many people particularly females who believe that it is possible to become a great leader regardless of the gender. She has managed to strengthen and encourage her followers to invent and major in a career that they love venturing in. through the years, she has remained knowledgeable and distinguished in protecting several projects and startups that create opportunities for the youth. Lori Senecal inspires many individuals within and outside her agency each day. Most of her employees have cited that she is cultured and strong-willed which has led Porter + Boguskyinto greatness. Because of her potential, CP + B has been able to make several businesses progresses, enabling her to bestow the Titanium Impressive Prix award which acknowledged her creative ideas and committed leadership. Visit for more.



Position before CP + B


Before she went to CP + B, Lori Senecal became the Global Executive Chairman of KBS. During her reign, the company experienced tremendous growth making it popular for being one of the best establishments in New York. Lori Senecal has also enabled KBA to appear among the Standout Agencies listed in Ad Age for three consecutive years. The exemplary leader helped the company to achieve a lot of success which can still be observed to-date. Check out





One of the reasons why Lori Senecal is admired is the fact that she is open and transparent. Many times, she appears on the screen and in general meetings to share her secret of leadership and prosperity. She continues to demonstrate great drive, ambition, and determination as she sparks authentic creativity and innovation. Lori Senecal is very optimistic that CP + B will continue to grow and create opportunities for even a greater population.



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