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Dr. Saad: The Hope of Pediatric Medical Field

Dr. Saad is a well-known pediatric surgeon with a successful career path and great innovative ideas in the medical sector. He is based in Eatontown in New Jersey. Because of his skills, Saad has drawn close attention from doctors and humanitarians to his side over his career success. Following his chronicles, Saad has performed three surgeries in the United States for Palestine children. In 2002, there was a need for a specialized surgeon to rescue a 15-year-old child who had issues with a gunshot wound. He was approached by a nonprofit organization that addresses the medical needs of Arab Children who live in the Middle East, Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The child was flown to the United States for treatment from Saad. After that case, in 2003, Dr. Saad performed another complex surgery that took him seven hours on a child who had patching holes and repairs on the internal injuries. Later in 2010, he was recognized for performing another surgery on a child from West Bank who had been born with exposed intestines. Among many other incidences, Dr. Saad is a sung hero in the medical field for successful and fulfilling surgeries on children.


In addition to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Saad has travelled on various missions to help the underprivileged children get medical attention from a quality perspective. After he did the surgery that was referred to him by the PCRF organization, they were so impressed and requested him to move to Palestine for some local attention on the children in the areas. He went there gladly and made more trips like seven times on similar missions. His travel to Palestine was anchored on three major intentions. The first one was to offer treatment to less privileged individuals who could not afford or access his skills. Secondly, Saad wanted to transfer his skills that he had gathered through his career to some young pediatric surgeons in Palestine through training and talks. He allowed them to watch as he performed the surgeries so that they could be of help to the locals. He also guided them on various surgeries hence building their skills more. Thirdly, Saad wanted to help in building the economy of Palestine through his missions.


Dr. Saad has received numerous awards but among the many, two are most outstanding. He received an award from the PCRF, Palestine in 2010 for the Humanitarian Award in the organization. The Governor of Ramallah under the Ministry of Health awarded him another award. Many political leaders acknowledge his work. He has gathered a lot of experience in the pediatric surgery sector for over 40 years. Saad has fully given to the community through his training to many local surgeons and the future doctors who fall in his hands. His hard work and influence in the community continues to make an impact in the lives of patients even in his retirement. Learn more:


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