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Lime Crime Rolls Out New Diamond Crushers Lip Gloss

LimeCrime just rolled out its latest product and fans are going absolutely wild for the company’s Diamond Crush Lip Toppers. The lip glosses are stuffed with sparkles that look diamond like, almost incredibly so. The lip glosses look like a dazzling hologram. They come in all shades for any taste or look. The colors vary wildly. There is a pale pink that provides the merest of color, all the way to the coolest bright purple and pink one that is reflective.

The Diamond Crush Lip Toppers can be worn solo or they can be applied over your regular lipstick routine. One of the best things about the line is the fact that the color subtly changes depending on the color beneath it. They can be used to make your lips as bold or as mute as you may like.

Fans of LimeCrime wait almost religiously for each new product to launch. For example, the company recently released a line of eyeshadows that had a hard cased shell designed to look nearly identical to the ‘90s craze toy, the Polly Pocket. This new rollout was nothing different and thousands of people have flocked to the Lime Crime website to buy the Diamond Crush Lip Toppers before they are temporarily out of stock.

If you aren’t familiar with Lime Crime, the company has gone from a tiny startup to a cosmetic empire led by founder, Doe Deere. The company has designed to be consistently breaking the mold. The company is purely designed to make women feel beautiful and to allow women to express themselves in the purest fashion.

Doe Deere created the company in 2008. It was the era of nude-style makeup and she was unable to find the bold shades that she wanted to complete her signature look. She decided to take matters into her own hand and create a brand new company from scratch. The company has become a sensation and has developed a pack of extremely loyal customers as well as over three million Instagram followers. These fans share photos of themselves wearing the Lime Crime products and the Lime Crime team frequently engages with its followers.

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