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Fabletics Continues To Rise In An Industry Dominated By Amazon

The Online retail industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and has become one of the most important aspects of the global retail sector and continues to grow across the 21st-century. Despite the dire warnings provided by many of the world’s leading retail experts the need for physical locations has remained as important as always too many members of the industry including the Fabletics brand which has chosen against using the pop-up store option so many of their rival Online retailers have chosen in the last few years.


The dominance of Amazon has become one of the major problems facing many Online retailers but the experts at Fabletics have begun their journey to make a dent into the 20 percent market share owned by Amazon with a firm plan in mind. “Reverse showrooming” offers one of the major areas of growth for Fabletics as the company has been looking to develop a presence Online and across Main Street and many different malls where 30 to 50 percent of all customers are already members having completed the lifestyle quiz which provides a glimpse into the many different forms of clothing available to all new members.


Entering a Fabletics store not only allows existing members to explore the entire range of clothing on offer from the brand but also allows members to link their purchases to their account and change the items they choose to purchase during any specific month. The use of physical locations has also given the Fabletics brand a boost over Amazon through the high level of new members who join instore and begin their personal journey into the many different items of clothing on offer through the brand.


Kate Hudson is a founding partner of the brand and has made a major impact in one of her first entrepreneurial attempts in a business she admits she has had to learn on her feet. The success of the brand has often been linked directly to the willingness of Kate Hudson to show her own active lifestyle in the marketing of the brand and through her own social media accounts where she is often shown wearing the latest releases from Fabletics. Many retail industry experts point to the fact Kate Hudson does live an active lifestyle and is a believable brand ambassador for the Fabletics business.

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