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Talk Fusion Offers New Updated Version Of Live Meetings

Live Meetings is an app that works on pcs, smartphones, and tablets. It enables people to hold real-time meetings on the internet. It can host a total of 15 hosts and up to 500 participants.

It was launched by Talk Fusion, headquartered in Brandon, Florida, and is based on WebRTC which is a popular system in the digital world. The founder and CEO of the company, Bob Reina, announced in September 2017 that a new version would soon be launched.

One of the big improvement in the new version of Live Meetings is that it doesn’t now require a separate software download or Adobe Flash Player. It is accessible right in a browser window which not only reduces the number of steps to use it but it also increases compatibility.

Bob Reina has stated that none of Talk Fusion’s competitors have a solution that can match Live Meetings. It also offers great value, he says, because his company has adopted new ways of promoting the app that will entice new users to Live Meetings as well as the entire portfolio of products Talk Fusion offers which is called Video Suite.

Talk Fusion was established by Reina in 2007. He is a lifelong resident of Florida and graduated from a college in that state before becoming a police officer. While serving as a cop he started a side gig where he sold various products which paid him a commission.

Over time he saw that he was a very effective salesman so he decided to quit the police department and make selling things his full-time career.

Bob Reina says that he’s an early bird and gets up around 5:30 AM each day. The first thing he does is check his business emails which enables his team at Talk Fusion to be up to speed when they all arrive at the office at 8:30.

He is involved in all aspects of the company from marketing to IT to offering his insights into how to achieve higher sales. He says that he generally works from sunup to sundown so that Talk Fusion achieves ever higher levels of success.

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