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Dr. Clay Siegall Contributing to the Medical Field trough Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is a popular figure in the industry of biotech as he is the founder and chief executive officer of the biotech firm Seattle Genetics Inc. which is dedicated to developing targeted cancer therapies. Seattle Genetics emphasizes on doing research and producing medication for the diseases where medicine has not had much progress.

Dr. Clay Siegall set out to establish Seattle Genetics because he has had a close interaction with cancer. The disease is one of the fields where medicine and science have made little progress. After his father passed away due to chemotherapy implications, Dr. Clay Siegall dedicated his life to medical studies, and after he amassed some experience, he founded the company in 1998.

Even though Seattle Genetics is a somewhat new biotech firm, it has made sufficient progress to attract the attention of the industry. Seattle Genetics developed the first antibody conjugate to be approved by the FDA. Now, the antibody conjugate has been improved at multiple times and has served as the foundation of over 20 medications. Seattle Genetics has been working in partnership with some esteemed drug manufacturers such a Pfizer, Genentech, ad Bayer, among others.

Seattle Genetics has been able to impress its industry with the progress the company has made. It used to be a bare-bones company with a few researchers on deck but ow it is a significant corporation with many investors and a long development pipeline of medication. Dr. Clay Siegall hat the old ways of treating cancer, as in systematic chemotherapy, is not competent enough and it needs to be substituted with more patient-friendly therapies that will destroy them tumors in the body without causing the patient severe side effects or permanent implications.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a former student of the University of Maryland. He is the placeholder of a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the academic institution and has a PH. D. in Genetics from the esteemed George Washington University.

Dr. Clay Siegall has always had a passion for medicine and science. Afer a family member became sick with cancer, he set out to make his contribution to the medical field.


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