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How George Secker Turned His Success Into Success For Others

George Secker is a London-based entrepreneur who teaches people how to make money trading currency. He worked in the financial industry for a number of years and during his time there he learned from some of the best in the business when it comes to Forex trading. He started applying these strategies in his own funds and eventually earned enough to quit the industry.

One home and retired, George Secker opened his own Forex trading floor in his living room. He got bored, though, and decided he should teach others these strategies of making money. He founded Learn To Trade which is a company that holds seminars where people learn his Forex market secrets. Over the years more than 200,000 participants have learned his craft through Learn to Trade.

George Secker owns a couple of other companies as well, such as SmartCharts. This is software that makes it easier to make currency trades and track performance. The people that learn using Learn to Trade often buy his software so that they can make real-time trades and use just one click to execute a new trade.

Motivational speaking is another area that George Secker has developed a lot of experience in. He has spoken around the world and with some of the biggest motivational speakers in the business, such as Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. He covers a wide range of topics during his speeches such as entrepreneurship, healthy, wealthy, and psychology. The advice he doles out is designed to help people both personally and professionally.

In 2010 he created The Greg Secker Foundation. This international organization helps young people in many countries. The priorities of his foundation are on education, leadership, and learning critical life skills. Among the efforts he has financially supported is the Early Childhood Development Program in South Africa which teaches disadvantaged children. He also supports the Ubuntu Education Fund. This fund has a school in Ubuntu which is a very poor area in South Africa. They operate a school that is available to children in the area and support them through providing them with food and clothing as well.


Maya Iker says:

George Secker did a very good thing and a very good interest to others who need helps from him what he did create a leadership programme and also establish it by himself I believe that helps a lot of people both in clothing , finance and also in shelter and in education. i believe that through this company the child may be able to narrate the interest of the company the man should enadeavour to compete himself with others so as to have as many comment and customers due to the competition.

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