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Sentient Helping E-commerce Businesses Drive Up Their Revenue And Improve The Customers’ Experience

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized how humans interact with technology. One facet that is experiencing increasing growth due to AI is the online commerce platform. Customers have an easy time picking out their products through suggestion and receive the purchased merchandise at a fast and convenient rate. Artificial intelligence personalizes a user’s shopping experience using algorithms collected from their online behavior. The technology differentiates the various qualities of a particular item and creates relationships among them so the user can have a smooth and seamless shopping experience.

How Sentient uses artificial intelligence to improve the trading experience for retailers and clients.

Sentient began operating in 2015 as an establishment of Antoine Blondeau and Babak Hodjat. The recommendations search engine tool provides algorithms to the online shopping platform and customizes the settings to display products on particular recommendation engines. The recommendation algorithm also matches search results with similar content in the store, to help users have alternative options. Sentient’s recommendation engine heightens online transactions by giving clues on the safety level of the particular site. Retailers have an easy proves of validating their products’ value by evaluating the engine’s report. Sentient creates a safe e-commerce platform for retailers to publish advertisements with the target of securing sales.

How Sentient’s e-commerce engine works

When a prospective buyer visits an online site, they may not always know the keywords to type to acquire the required products. The engine reads the browser’s history to pick up the genre of items the user would most likely prefer. The suggestions are on visible display so one has an easy time navigating through the store to make a purchase. In the case where a buyer already has an accurate depiction of the item, the engine displays alternative suggestions alongside the search result. Sentient’s AI keeps a history of the user’s shopping pattern through complex processions to have an increased impression of the user’s preferences.

Benefits of utilizing Sentient’s recommendation engine on e-commerce platforms

  • An easy online shopping experience that attracts clients.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Improved marketing schemes. A search engine will automatically display recommendations on unique engines and give fast recommendations that pale in comparison to waiting for the staff’s feedback.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Increased safety precaution before users execute online transactions, which consequentially helps in retention of customers.
  • Improved data analytics on the performance of products, which eases the process of restocking the store.

• Sentient gives companies an upper hand against competitors who do not utilize their artificial intelligence tools such as the e-commerce engine.

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