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Dr. Imran Haque: Giving People a New Horizon in Internal Medicine

Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known doctor in North Carolina who specializes in internal medicine. He is known for the incredible medical skill that he has and for leading an extremely well-known clinic in North Carolina. The clinic that he heads goes by the name of Horizon Internal Medicine and is one of the most renowned clinics in internal medicine in Asheboro. Dr. Haque is considered to be well known in the field for the quality of services that he offers. He has been working as a medical professional for the past fifteen years has treated thousands of patients since then.

Dr. Haque started out his career in the field of medicine in the same way that most doctors do, which was by working at a big hospital. He did his best to gain as much experience from there as he could. While working there, he realized that there was a gap in the market for clinics that offered the same grade of services that hospitals do, while still being slightly personal and more tailored to provide a better customer service. This was when he decided to start up his clinic that would offer some of the best treatments in internal medicine. Since the clinic first opened its doors to patients, they have been received incredibly by the community and the people living in North Carolina. The emphasis that the clinic has on offering excellent customer service is enormous. Dr. Haque pays exceptionally close attention to this to make sure that every single one of the customers coming to them gets the right treatment and is satisfied with the quality of services being offered to them. Dr. Haque also takes special care to ensure that the clinic is providing some of the most technologically and medically advanced diagnoses’ to patients to take care of their ailments in the most efficient manner possible.

Being an entrepreneur and a doctor at the same time is not something most medical professionals do, but Dr. Haque has managed to do so brilliantly and has managed to make a name for himself as well in the process.

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