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James Dondero: Still Chasing His Dreams Even After All These Years

Even after all these years, James Dondero continues to chase his dreams. As the CEO and co-founder of Highland Capital Management out of Dallas, Texas, this is an extremely important attribute from Mr. Dondero. The reason is simple: when he is chasing his dreams, he is also working to make his company more profitable and it also improves the lives of his clients as well.

Dondero’s company has always been on the cutting edge. It is under James Dondero’s direction that Highland Capital Management is able to offer a number of award-winning products and services for retail and institutional investors. These would include options that would seem risky to some but Dondero and his associates have long mastered the art of making risky deals and engineering a huge pay-off for their clients.

Based on James Dondero’s previous track record, we can be assured that he is not finished yet with his engineering project at Highland Capital Management. His founding company now has $14.9 billion in assets and now has a number of affiliates to fall back on. These would include Acis Capital Management, Nexpoint Advisors, Nexpoint Capital, and Nexpoint Residential Trust.

It is through all of these experiences that James Dondero has learned about wealth management. He has learned how to manage the portfolio of all of his clients. Simply put, he not only has been wildly successful beyond all of his wildest dreams for himself but he has also been wildly successful for all of his clients as well! However, it isn’t just the author of piece who feels this way about Mr. Dondero. Highland Capital recently received a whole host of accolades from Morningstar, including a 5-star designation for Global Allocation and a top-ranked designation for a Global Long/Short Healthcare Fund in 2014. Folks, you don’t get these awards without instilling consuming confidence in your funds. This is why James Dondero works for you!

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