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How Nathaniel Ru and his Friends Created Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his partners, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, are the brains behind the inception of Sweetgreen, which is a fast-growing casual restaurant chain in the US. The idea for the business came out of the failure to identify fun andhealthy locations to eat while in their senior year at the Washington-based Georgetown University.

Their chase for an ideal place to eat led them to set their eyes on a tavern located on M Street.

The owner of the targeted tavern space was also the same landlord of an apartment near where Nathaniel Ru and his friends resided. Although the property owner hung up on Ru after he called, their determination for the business remained unwavering. In fact, the persistent calls each day for a whole month led her to agree to a meeting with the young college students.

At the meeting, Nathaniel Ru and his partners were asked by the landlord to see her again after they found some business backers and an architect. The search for the landlord’ s requirements took three and a half weeks, which in turn led to the birth of Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen has grown from just being Restaurant Company to a lifestyle brand, especially after the creation of an event known as Sweetlife, which combines food and music. The company also collaborates with other lifestyle businesses like fitness and gym clubs in Washington, D.C.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is well-known for being one of the co-founders and co-chief executive officers of Sweetgreen. This venture has a reputation for serving seasonal, healthy and simple salads and grain bowls that are made in-house using whole produce.

Nathaniel Ru holds a BS in Finance from GeorgetownUniversity’s McDonough School of Business where he graduatedin 2007 together with his partners, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. They launched Sweetgreen in 2007 during their senior year.

Since 2007, Sweetgreen has experienced tremendous growth, as it now has over 27 operations in six states in the US. Expansion plans for the West Coast were set to early 2015. Nathaniel Ru and his graduate friends came with the idea for Sweetgreen out of the conviction that their community required a healthy, delicious and eco-friendly meal option.

Later in 2010, the partners /friends created Sweetlife, which is currently the region’s foremost music and food festival. The event attracts an attendance of about 20,000 people alongside leading musical artists and food from food trucks, top chefs and local farmers and purveyors.

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