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The Unwavering Dedication Of End Citizen United

The American election process changed significantly after the Supreme Court decided on the Citizens United versus the FEC. The decision established that corporations are people and hence billionaires and other people with special interests were given the opportunity to spend their money on elections. The result is lack of accountability and transparency. There have been incidences where billionaires support political power and in exchange receive favors.

After looking at this trend, a political action committee known as End Citizen United was established in the year 2015. The primary focus of the grassroots-funded organization is to challenge the effects brought about by Citizen United and bring reforms to the American campaign finance system. It is dedicated to showing the dissatisfaction of the grassroots with the shameless attempts by billionaires to buy the elections. The action intends to come up with a coalition that works towards pressuring the lawmakers to take action and at the same time champion for finance reforms.

The mission of End Citizens United is to eradicate big money in politics and mend the political system that is already rigged. It intends to do this by ensuring that this issue becomes a national conversation. By working closely with partners, Citizen United will be overturned and so will the unlimited money in politics. End Citizens United intends to achieve this by electing candidates that are backing the reforms. It also wants to make the issue of money in politics become part of the priority of the nation. Another way in which End Citizens United plans to achieve its primary mission is by working with ballot measure campaigns to make the reforms lawful. The same results will be attained once the organization organizes for demonstrations lead by the grassroots members against the issue of money in politics.

It is worth noting that End Citizens United supports the Democrats who buoy up its campaign finance system and are ready to participate in the fight against Citizens United. Candidates who are in a way attacked by the dark money groups, super PACs, corporates with special interests, as wells the mega-donors are just some of the candidates that End Citizen United has firmly stood with. It is easy to note that End Citizen United supports the Democrats. The reason is that the said group are in the forefront of fighting against Citizens United, and hence their leadership expresses the intention of bringing change. As much as the Republican and the Independent voters agree that it is not right to spend undisclosed money in politics, the leadership of the Republicans in Congress supports Citizen United. Before endorsing a candidate, he or she must fill up a questionnaire. All the finances of End Citizen United come from the grassroots supporters.

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