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Chris Burch – The Art of Developing Companies

Many entrepreneurs in the world end up failing and not succeeding because of the lack of leadership skills and the proper traits to lead businesses and deal with all the pressure of being a company owner.

Christopher Burch has the necessary traits to be a great leader, and is currently the founder and CEO of his private investment firm, the Burch Creative Capital.

Although he is better known for his work at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has many businesses in his career under his belt. He has led many companies in the past to success, changed the lives of many employees and learned all kinds of businesses and industries. The life of an entrepreneur rarely stays confined to one type of business.  Related reading on

Chris Burch co-founded the venture Tory Burch LLC with his partner Tory, but also co-founded another company with a familiar name, C. Wonder, which was sold for millions of dollars and was a business success in all departments.  Additional reading here.

Because of how Christopher Burch has a clear vision of the entrepreneurial life and what needs to be done, the presence of a business developer has become instinct for the man, turning him into one of the most searched-for and appreciated entrepreneurs in his business circle.   A proof of his entrepreneurial life and output in this article on

With an online presence that is remarkable and a position in the world that has led him to being one of the biggest billionaires in the world, according to Forbes’ list of the wealthiest billionaires alive today, Chris Burch has a keen understanding of financial administration and building business philosophies that has changed the companies he worked with in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

For young entrepreneurs, Burch’s career is a great case of study, as it teaches how success does not come from talent or easy routes. The career of the businessman has more than forty years of grinding and learning with mentors, with competitors, and, the biggest of all the learning experiences, learning with failures and falls.  For an update of his recent timeline activities, hit

He has tacked the hotel & resort business, tackled philanthropy and charity, especially now that he is a successful and settled billionaire, and has also studied other types of companies to make sure he always has an edge on the competition. More reading about his hotel and resort venture on

Chris has also assisted many entrepreneurs and students in his life. As he learned with mentors during his whole career, now he is becoming the mentor with decades of experience as a multibillionaire entrepreneur. Have a glimpse of his entrepreneurial vision and output, visit the website at

Meet Logan Stout; a Business Owner, an Author, and Speaker

There are many entrepreneurs with desires to help upcoming investors. Logan Stout is an entrepreneur who has generated billions of dollars throughout his career. He has always worked hard in his works to reach where he is today. He is the CEO and the founder of IDLife. He is also the CEO of Dallas Patriots baseball organization. Stout is a motivational speaker and one of the best-selling authors in the world.

Logan is passionate about helping people with business ideas. He knows great business ideas can completely change the life of an individual. Therefore, he assists many people in actualizing business ideas. He also helps people to grow their leadership qualities through his speeches and books. He has partnered with many experienced authors and speakers to help people with advice.

Stout Advice: The Secretes to Building Yourself, People, and Teamsis a book published by Logan in 2013. This book aims to inspire and empower readers. It targets those people who are struggling in life to attain their set goals. The book has been read by many and people are empowered by wise advice from Logan. Renowned investors Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran endorsed the book saying it is very beneficial.

IDLife is a company specialized in the manufacture of nutritional supplements. The supplements are organic and healthy. These supplements are essential when it comes to weight management as well as bodybuilding. IDLife has grown significantly, and entrepreneurs like Darwin Deason and Troy Aikman have partnered with Logan in educating people on the importance of wellness and health. As a result of healthy products, IDLife was recognized as one of the hundred Solid Top MLM Firms in the world.

Logan Stout has been featured by many publications like Philadelphia Life Magazine, New York Times as well as The Dallas Morning News. Logan is a married man and a father to two sons, and they live in Frisco, Texas. Logan desire to help people is unmatched. He works hard to ensure people have better lives and meet their goals with ease. As a speaker and author, it is evident his advice reaches many people. Also Through Dallas Patriots Baseball organization, he has helped many young people who love baseball.

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Are You Ready for a Taste of Dr Reddy?

If you find yourself in Dr Akhill Reddy’s dentist office for a dental check-up, there’s a good chance you won’t be leaving with just a a clean mouth, you may find yourself leaving with a fine wine recommendation as well.

Dr Akhill Reddy is not only a dentist with the MB2 Dental Solutions team, but also spends much of his time drilling into his wine-tasting skills. And the two seem to overlap and compliment each other well. As a dental professional Dr Akhill Reddy looks for ways to make trips to the dental office affordable for all. He also likes to apply that same principle to wine-buying. A quality wine at an affordable price (but don’t expect to rinse with a cabernet sauvignon or pinot grigio – water is still the mainstay).

But it’s not only Dr Akhill Reddy’s sense and knowledge of what makes a good wine “good”, but he also has a sense of fashion. He has contributed to the the site www.TheBroTalk helping medical professionals dress their best knowing that the white coat is unavoidable yet it alone doesn’t have the final statement in how you look. form khakis and dark jeans to the coordinating dress shirt and when to wear a tie he knows that how a medical professional dresses under the white coat can make a bold statement as well.

However with a fashion sense and wine knowledge, Dr Akhill Reddy’s first calling is dentistry. He knows that continuing education is a necessity to being at the front of one’s field and is constantly reading to keep up on the latest breakthroughs – for both himself as a dentist and for the patient experience. It’s one of the reasons he is a part of the MB2 Dental Solution team. A team that takes care of the non-medical aspects so he can focus on what matter’s most – your experience. The experience of coming-in and being welcomed into his office, the experience of the appointment itself, and the experience of a check-up well done, making sure you will look forward to your next return, and next, and next.

Remodeling with Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry is definitely going to make it easier for people to get a new kitchen cabinet in their home. So many people that want to sell their homes will look for ways to make the home more inviting. The thing that people must realize is that cabins are one of the most exciting things about a home for buyers. People that are trying to sell their homes may definitely need to take a look at the current market trends that exist and consider the possibilities of upgrades.

If people are going to put forth some money to upgrade their home, Siteline Cabinetry definitely wants to make sure that cabinetry is on their list. Siteline knows cabinets are the thing that people look for because a new kitchen and a new bathroom are always going to be the two things that sell the house. These are the places that home buyers are going to spend the majority of their time. It makes sense for them to be aware of the trends that are happening with cabinetry because this is going to be the thing that makes them really consider if they are going to purchase the home.

Siteline Cabinetry has been around for many years, and this company has done a wonderful job with many homes. People that want to get the most for their homes are definitely going to consider what Siteline Cabinetry has to offer. Siteline Cabinetry’s Pat Corsi is one that stays connected with the latest trends in cabinetry, and that is one of the reasons why it has become so popular with their customers.

It has become the company that people look for if they are serious about the possibilities that come with upgrading a home and making it appealing to potential home buyers. Everyone that is upgrading their home is not always going to be looking for an opportunity to sell. There are some people that get connected with Siteline Cabinetry simply because they want to see their kitchens come to life for themselves. They want to beautify their homes, and they know that the Corsi Group can help with this.

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James Dondero: Still Chasing His Dreams Even After All These Years

Even after all these years, James Dondero continues to chase his dreams. As the CEO and co-founder of Highland Capital Management out of Dallas, Texas, this is an extremely important attribute from Mr. Dondero. The reason is simple: when he is chasing his dreams, he is also working to make his company more profitable and it also improves the lives of his clients as well.

Dondero’s company has always been on the cutting edge. It is under James Dondero’s direction that Highland Capital Management is able to offer a number of award-winning products and services for retail and institutional investors. These would include options that would seem risky to some but Dondero and his associates have long mastered the art of making risky deals and engineering a huge pay-off for their clients.

Based on James Dondero’s previous track record, we can be assured that he is not finished yet with his engineering project at Highland Capital Management. His founding company now has $14.9 billion in assets and now has a number of affiliates to fall back on. These would include Acis Capital Management, Nexpoint Advisors, Nexpoint Capital, and Nexpoint Residential Trust.

It is through all of these experiences that James Dondero has learned about wealth management. He has learned how to manage the portfolio of all of his clients. Simply put, he not only has been wildly successful beyond all of his wildest dreams for himself but he has also been wildly successful for all of his clients as well! However, it isn’t just the author of piece who feels this way about Mr. Dondero. Highland Capital recently received a whole host of accolades from Morningstar, including a 5-star designation for Global Allocation and a top-ranked designation for a Global Long/Short Healthcare Fund in 2014. Folks, you don’t get these awards without instilling consuming confidence in your funds. This is why James Dondero works for you!

How Nathaniel Ru and his Friends Created Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his partners, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, are the brains behind the inception of Sweetgreen, which is a fast-growing casual restaurant chain in the US. The idea for the business came out of the failure to identify fun andhealthy locations to eat while in their senior year at the Washington-based Georgetown University.

Their chase for an ideal place to eat led them to set their eyes on a tavern located on M Street.

The owner of the targeted tavern space was also the same landlord of an apartment near where Nathaniel Ru and his friends resided. Although the property owner hung up on Ru after he called, their determination for the business remained unwavering. In fact, the persistent calls each day for a whole month led her to agree to a meeting with the young college students.

At the meeting, Nathaniel Ru and his partners were asked by the landlord to see her again after they found some business backers and an architect. The search for the landlord’ s requirements took three and a half weeks, which in turn led to the birth of Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen has grown from just being Restaurant Company to a lifestyle brand, especially after the creation of an event known as Sweetlife, which combines food and music. The company also collaborates with other lifestyle businesses like fitness and gym clubs in Washington, D.C.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is well-known for being one of the co-founders and co-chief executive officers of Sweetgreen. This venture has a reputation for serving seasonal, healthy and simple salads and grain bowls that are made in-house using whole produce.

Nathaniel Ru holds a BS in Finance from GeorgetownUniversity’s McDonough School of Business where he graduatedin 2007 together with his partners, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. They launched Sweetgreen in 2007 during their senior year.

Since 2007, Sweetgreen has experienced tremendous growth, as it now has over 27 operations in six states in the US. Expansion plans for the West Coast were set to early 2015. Nathaniel Ru and his graduate friends came with the idea for Sweetgreen out of the conviction that their community required a healthy, delicious and eco-friendly meal option.

Later in 2010, the partners /friends created Sweetlife, which is currently the region’s foremost music and food festival. The event attracts an attendance of about 20,000 people alongside leading musical artists and food from food trucks, top chefs and local farmers and purveyors.

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Whitney Wolfe Gets Married In a Ceremonial Event at the Coast

Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Tinder and the founder of Bumble recently got married in a private ceremony. The serial entrepreneur is now a wife to the famous tech mogul Michael Herd who hails from Texas. The couple exchanged vows at Villa Treville, located in Positano in Amalfi Italy. The beautiful wedding arena was eye catching with Whitney adorning a breathtaking Oscar De La Renta gown in the coastal area. The couple received extended congratulatory messages from friends as well as family.


Whitney Wolfe is an admired American entrepreneur whose works have greatly impacted on dating sites. Having worked for Tinder as the co-founder, Whitney Wolfe garnered massive experience as a leader and a team manager. Whitney’s contribution to Tinder was short lived. She quit establish Bumble, a social media dating site that connect couples. From the divorced, the divorced, single and even for people who are just looking for a relationship, Whitney Wolfe has manage to establish a strong platform for them.

Early Life

Whitney was raised in a loving family that values the significance of relationships. Growing up in Utah, she went to the Southern Methodist University and majored in international studies. As a student, Whitney established a business at the young age of 19. She sold bamboo tote bags. This was a huge project because it helped the less fortunate in the society. Having garnered entrepreneurial experience from the project, Wolfe went on to form a business with Patrick Aufdenkamp. The not for profit firm was known as Help Us Project. The bags contributed to the positive review of Whitney’s impact in the society. Receiving attention from prominent people like Rachel Zoe as well as Nicole Richie, Whitney was set to soar high in business.

Career Growth and Bumble

Whitney Wolfe graduated college and moved to Southeast Asia. Here, she worked with orphanages. She was passionate about working with people for the betterment of the society. She then joined Hatch Labs. The project was terminated under the manager’s watch. Being visionary, Whitney delved into a solo entrepreneurial journey. She formed Tinder and later Bumble, the project she is currently famous for establishing.


Bumble is a dating site that connects people. This is Whitney’s baby and major successful project. The most intriguing feature in Bumble is the fact that women initiate the conversation. Whitney established the platform on the basis of allowing women to feel empowered by being in charge. She is a dedicated entrepreneur who is passionate about building women’s self esteem.

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The Unwavering Dedication Of End Citizen United

The American election process changed significantly after the Supreme Court decided on the Citizens United versus the FEC. The decision established that corporations are people and hence billionaires and other people with special interests were given the opportunity to spend their money on elections. The result is lack of accountability and transparency. There have been incidences where billionaires support political power and in exchange receive favors.

After looking at this trend, a political action committee known as End Citizen United was established in the year 2015. The primary focus of the grassroots-funded organization is to challenge the effects brought about by Citizen United and bring reforms to the American campaign finance system. It is dedicated to showing the dissatisfaction of the grassroots with the shameless attempts by billionaires to buy the elections. The action intends to come up with a coalition that works towards pressuring the lawmakers to take action and at the same time champion for finance reforms.

The mission of End Citizens United is to eradicate big money in politics and mend the political system that is already rigged. It intends to do this by ensuring that this issue becomes a national conversation. By working closely with partners, Citizen United will be overturned and so will the unlimited money in politics. End Citizens United intends to achieve this by electing candidates that are backing the reforms. It also wants to make the issue of money in politics become part of the priority of the nation. Another way in which End Citizens United plans to achieve its primary mission is by working with ballot measure campaigns to make the reforms lawful. The same results will be attained once the organization organizes for demonstrations lead by the grassroots members against the issue of money in politics.

It is worth noting that End Citizens United supports the Democrats who buoy up its campaign finance system and are ready to participate in the fight against Citizens United. Candidates who are in a way attacked by the dark money groups, super PACs, corporates with special interests, as wells the mega-donors are just some of the candidates that End Citizen United has firmly stood with. It is easy to note that End Citizen United supports the Democrats. The reason is that the said group are in the forefront of fighting against Citizens United, and hence their leadership expresses the intention of bringing change. As much as the Republican and the Independent voters agree that it is not right to spend undisclosed money in politics, the leadership of the Republicans in Congress supports Citizen United. Before endorsing a candidate, he or she must fill up a questionnaire. All the finances of End Citizen United come from the grassroots supporters.