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Neurocore Enlightens People on Depression

Statistics have it that about 6.7 percent of Americans are affected by major depression each year. Depression often sets in in adulthood and is common in women. Anyone can, however, be affected at any age and without any apparent cause. Of the 16 million individuals affected by depression, only a third receive treatment. The rest do not seek help because of maybe stigma that is associated with mental illness or depression. Many factors contribute to depression, but not a single one can be identified as the primary factor. People who have gone through a stressful life event such as divorce, unemployment, financial difficulties or any other stresses are at a higher risk of developing depression. People hailing from a family with a history of depression are at greater risk of getting it at some point in their life.

There are different types of depression, but some are more common than others. Major Depressive Disorder is one characterized by low esteem and ongoing sadness for two consecutive weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder may last for two years or more. Postpartum Depression is yet another common type of depression that sets in after childbirth and may last for two weeks or even a year. The symptoms of depression vary from one person to the others. Some people may drastically gain weight others lose weight while depressed. Headaches and stomach problems are some of the physical symptoms of depression.

Patients can now afford a smile because even the most severe cases of depression can be treated. Neurocore Brain Performance Center is one of the institutions that has specialized in the provision of assessment that help in stress management. The institution was founded in the year 2004. Within its 13 years of existence, the corporation has become an authority in applied neuroscience.

Neurocore has nine established brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. The brain performances provided at this institution are safe. The organization is also known for offering programs that are based on a person’s brain data. There is much assurance that the services are easy, painless and have no side effects. The physicians who work at Neurocore are well trained and are sufficient in their job.

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