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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up To Spread Prostrate Cancer Awareness

It was recently announced that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) will partner up with National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA) and LabCorp to bring free and greatly reduced prostate screenings to those men who are over forty and eligible for the screening process. Starting September 1st through October 15th men may sign up at any of LabCorps 1750 locations, if they qualify for the screening, they have six months to complete the screening. 2000 screenings will be given away and after the 2000 prostate screenings are registered for, LabCorp will offer a greatly reduced rate of $25.00 for Prostate screenings.

Running in tandem with the prostate screenings, Prostate Pep Talk is the educational tool was to educate men about prostate cancer, how it’s diagnosed, what are treatment options, and what men can do to stay healthy. CTCA will also host events in each of the cities they service: Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix. At these events will be former NFL players spreading the word about good prostate health. Education is key as prostate cancer will be diagnosed in over 160,000 men in 2017 and screenings are the first line of defense, especially in men over 40 and African American males. If after the test is taken and the patient shows a higher than normal TSA, they should plan a followup visit with their physician for more comprehensive testing as a higher than normal TSA can mean a number of things with one of them being cancer. To read more a out this joint effort and get the link for screening registering, please click here.

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