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Scott Rocklage and the Role of 5AM Ventures in Medical Research

5AM ventures is a capital firm whose role is to offer early stages advice on business investments. The firm engages in the fields of life sciences, biopharmaceutical, research instrument, and medical technology industries. It was founded in 2002 in Menlo Park, California. It also has offices in Boston.

5AM Ventures invest in other companies that are involved in the healthcare department, especially the line of drugs development, biotechnology, medical technologies, instrumentation, and biopharmaceuticals. Learn more about Scott Rockledge: and

Under the drug development, the focus is on particular areas such as diabetes, oncology, metabolic diseases, and anti-infectives. The company also engages in drug delivery, material science, medical equipment, imaging agents, and diagnostics. Its major investments are in the United States and Switzerland.

The main focus of 5AM Ventures is to create a generation of companies dealing with life sciences and which are capable of giving good returns to the investors. 5AM supports such companies by funding their research work in the medicine and science fields. Their aim is to develop drugs that can treat various ailments that affect the people today.

Apart from being the early investors in the companies, 5AM Ventures also helps in setting up the company’s management, recruitment and other aspects of business development. 5AM will in most cases take over the control of these companies, though on a temporary basis, until the companies are able to stand on their own. Learn more about Scott Rockledge: and

At the top of 5AM Ventures success is an experienced figure in the healthcare industry, Scott Rocklage. He is the managing partner of 5AM ventures. He has served in the healthcare department for many years and has acquired a lot of experience.

Scott holds a degree in Chemistry. Scott has also been involved extensively in medical research and has been able to develop three drugs that have been approved by the FDA.

Scott Rocklage attributes his success to good time management and prioritizing of issues. He is proud to be engaged in works that are focused on helping the people. As a successful entrepreneur, he advises upcoming investors to focus on working on their own enterprises instead of looking to work for already established organizations. He encourages them not to fear to risk as long as they have ideas that can work.

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