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How Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund facilitates the success of Minority Rights Advocates

Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund is a nonprofit foundation that is well recognized for the support that it offers to charity organizations that advocate for the rights of the minorities. It has to date funded the activities of different bodies that were created to support the freedom of speech and rights of immigrants who live in the United States. The fund is headed by Jim and Michael who are also its founders.

Michael Lacey and Jim journalists, and they also created top Arizona newspapers, which are Village Voice Media, and Phoenix New Times.

Michael and Jim published a story in 2007 about a grand jury that was unfair to the people since it favored the sheriff in its rulings. The story made Arpaio arrest the two journalists claiming that they had violated the privacy of the jury. The sheriff abused the power of his office, and he used to do an illegal profiling of immigrants at highway checkpoints.

The grand jury did not want any newspaper in the area to write articles that focused on the wrong doings of the sheriff. The case against the two journalists was later withdrawn by the county’s attorney general since it had no grounds. Michael and Jim’s Fifth Amendment rights had been violated by the county government, and therefore, they decided to sue it.

Their case was taken to the US Court of Appeal where the judge ruled that they had not done anything wrong.

The county government paid them $3.75 million. The duo utilized the settlement in creating Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund since they were dedicated to ensuring that the freedoms and rights of the immigrants were not violated. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Border Angel is a foundation that has been recognized for its humanitarian undertakings and its commitment to fighting for the rights of the immigrants in the United States. The campaigns that the organization conducts are dedicated to making sure that the immigrants have a decent life in the country.

The founder of the body is Enrique Morones, and its main offices are located in San Diego. Border Angels has been ensuring that there is justice for the minority group, and its offices offer them free legal serves every Tuesday.

The foundation has currently joined efforts with several volunteers, and it takes them to the deserts to create water points along the roads that commonly used by immigrants. It has also been making sure that people are well informed about border policies by offering them free trips to the Mexican border.

Border Angel’s support has had a positively impacted on the lives of the San Diego County-based immigrants. It works to ensure that the number of the immigrant deaths reduces. The organization played a great role in the 2014 immigration crisis where hundreds of children arrived at the Central America border without the company of adults.

The charity organization offered them foods, clothes, books, and toys. It also worked with volunteers to counter anti-immigrant protests that did not want the children to enter the country.

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