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Duda Melzer’s Family Business Is Known At Cambridge Family Enterprise

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, though more often known as Duda Melzer can engrave his name in the family business monolith, and that’s because he’s the CEO and recently appointed chairman of one of Brazil’s largest family-owned media corporations, Grupo RBS. The Cambridge Family Institute is an organization that gives various recognitions to family business traditions, and they asked Duda Melzer to become one of the leaders on their Family Enterprise list. Duda Melzer has seen how his family has run this business over the years, and he’s wanted to maintain the vision they’ve had all the way from the days of its founding. Duda went so far as to show why he’s committed to the company throughout his education and beginning business career.

Duda Melzer is quoted as saying that future members of the Sirotsky family need to exhibit their leadership through spending some time working in leadership roles in companies outside Grupo RBS, and also achieving a master’s degree. He can say this because he has done so, having received his bachelor’s at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and his MBA at Harvard Business School. He worked at several companies outside of Grupo RBS prior to joining them including Booz Allen & Hamilton, Delphi Corporation, and Boxtop Media. He has also served on several boards that include the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation, and CENP.

Duda Melzer officially started his term at Grupo RBS in 2004, and in 2012 he officially became the company’s CEO. As CEO of Grupo RBS, Duda is responsible for the operation of over 18 TV stations, 21 radio stations and a number of newspaper publications. He is also the owner of a venture capital investment company known as e.Bricks Ventures which provides funding to tech entrepreneurs that Melzer sees a lot of potential with.

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