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Securus Technologies’ Facilitating Clients Reviews on Technology Use to Prevent and Avert Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions to both the public and prison facilities in America. The company recently published client comments on the use of technology to avert crimes on the street as well as inmate related incidents. Some of the most notable comments received include letters; emails received through prison officials in the United States. The corrections officers laud Securus in providing superb technology and its positive impact in the prison environment.


Securus Chairman and CEO Rick Smith said, “we develop a new service or product every week to assist corrections and law enforcement officials to resolve and prevent crimes”. Some of the Prisons customer chosen comments on the use of Technology to avert crimes includes:


“I write to inform you that through Securus Technologies and support, we used information drawn from the phone calls to arrest a corrupt official for introducing of contrabands within the facility. Please convey my gratitude to your staff in contributing towards this case …”


Investigative equipment facilitates staff to carry out investigations when complaints or an impending threat to the safety of the community or the facility is detected or reported.”


“I wanted to commend Securus for the LBS software. Using their technology as prescribed with extra legalized resources; our sheriff recovered millions of assets in drugs, cash, and other valuable illegal items. Without LBS software, the task of recouping the illegal stuff would be impossible and even more challenging. This technology, when combined with the other security equipments, proves that Securus Technologies leads in security communication matters in the industry.”


Securus Technologies is the leading inmate communications company. It is based in Dallas, Texas, and it serves over 3,450 correctional facilities all over the country. Securus also provides inmate technological services to incarcerated convicts in North America. The company is dedicated to helping and connecting people by the provision of emergency response services, security monitoring, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, data control, and inmate self-service products. Securus Technologies focuses on securing the community and linking loved ones through their secure systems.


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