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Securus Technologies’ Facilitating Clients Reviews on Technology Use to Prevent and Avert Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of technology solutions to both the public and prison facilities in America. The company recently published client comments on the use of technology to avert crimes on the street as well as inmate related incidents. Some of the most notable comments received include letters; emails received through prison officials in the United States. The corrections officers laud Securus in providing superb technology and its positive impact in the prison environment.


Securus Chairman and CEO Rick Smith said, “we develop a new service or product every week to assist corrections and law enforcement officials to resolve and prevent crimes”. Some of the Prisons customer chosen comments on the use of Technology to avert crimes includes:


“I write to inform you that through Securus Technologies and support, we used information drawn from the phone calls to arrest a corrupt official for introducing of contrabands within the facility. Please convey my gratitude to your staff in contributing towards this case …”


Investigative equipment facilitates staff to carry out investigations when complaints or an impending threat to the safety of the community or the facility is detected or reported.”


“I wanted to commend Securus for the LBS software. Using their technology as prescribed with extra legalized resources; our sheriff recovered millions of assets in drugs, cash, and other valuable illegal items. Without LBS software, the task of recouping the illegal stuff would be impossible and even more challenging. This technology, when combined with the other security equipments, proves that Securus Technologies leads in security communication matters in the industry.”


Securus Technologies is the leading inmate communications company. It is based in Dallas, Texas, and it serves over 3,450 correctional facilities all over the country. Securus also provides inmate technological services to incarcerated convicts in North America. The company is dedicated to helping and connecting people by the provision of emergency response services, security monitoring, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, data control, and inmate self-service products. Securus Technologies focuses on securing the community and linking loved ones through their secure systems.


Alexandre Gama: Effective Advertising Service For Business

Alexandre Gama is a trusted advertising professional in Brazil. He works directly with his business owners and company managers to set up and implement their advertising campaigns. Alexandre Gama is well versed in a wide a variety of marketing, advertising and promotional strategies that produce successful results. Alexandre Gama discusses with his clients to find out about their business and their advertising goals, and then comes up with the right approach to meet their expectations. With such information he is able to decide how the client’s product or service should be presented to potential customers.

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Does your dog love Beneful? Walmart has it!

If your dog loves Beneful, then you should head to Walmart. They have the most competitive prices around, when it comes to dog food. They offer all different varieties and sizes for your dogs particular needs. Purina Beneful Originals With Real Salmon in a 31 lb bag, is only $26.98. This is a great buy for your dogs that have skin allergies. The equivalent type of food from Blue Buffalo costs $50.00 for a smaller bag. If you have a small dog that likes wet food, there is a 17 oz. tub of the Beneful Salmon food for only $1.77. There is also Purina Beneful Originals With Real Beef Dry Dog Food in a 31.1 lb. Bag, for only $26.06. These are great prices for quality food that your dog needs to keep them healthy.

Too look for further savings you have to keep your eye out. from time to time, Beneful puts out coupons in the paper or online. Walmart accepts all coupons, so watch for those coupons. Walmart also has their own site that they offer for different items. You just go to their main page and type coupon on the search bar. There is one on there now for baneful Grain free for $3.00 off. Sometimes Walmart has roll backs on Beneful dog food too. You just type in rollback, then click on pets, then dog, to see what is offered. Always keep your eye out for deals. and keep your dog healthy with baneful and Walmart.

Chris Burch: A Multitalented Man With An Aim To Preserve History

Chris Burch is a well-known and famous realtor who is famous because of his resort on a remote island in Indonesia. He made that hotel with same amenities that a five-star hotel can offer, yet the charges are so nominal that even an individual from a low class can go and stay there and enjoy the real pleasure of living in a five-star hotel.

Chris’s primary purpose for construction this hotel was to save it at souvenirs and give that hotel to the upcoming generations. His intentions were not to earn from it. Chris is also an acclaimed serial entrepreneur. He is a multitalented entrepreneur with expertise in different business sectors such as technology, fashion, and real estate. Presently Burch is working in Burch Creative Capital as its principal.  for additional article, head over to

He is nearly 50, yet he works as a young entrepreneur. He is an active financial investor across the globe in a different industry. His name is on the back of many luxury and technological products such as Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water and much more. He worked as a board member of The Continuum Group and also a world renowned Guggenheim Capital.  Related article here.

Chris Burch has invested in many national/international real estate ventures with different companies and realtors. Few of his projects that became the reason for his success in real estate are the development of Nantucket’s luxury homes, New York, Southampton and Florida, Palm Beach and much more. Burch after conquering many business sectors ultimately turned to Hospitality to come up with a project so that coming generations can remember him. And for that, he teams up with most famous, renowned and top realtor of this time Tory Burch and C. Wonder.  Check

Burch, working beside James McBride, a famous name in hotel construction industry, bought a beach hostel in 2012. This hostel was on one of the famous and most beautiful Indonesian island named Sumba. They spent a huge amount to purchase and then renovate, even through their intentions weren’t to earn back.

As mentioned earlier in this post, the reason for investing in this hostel was so that coming generation can preserve it. According to an international journal, Chris splits his time between few of his real estates such as the Hamptons, Miami, and most of them his signature product, Nihiwatu. He also one personal villa that he uses when he feels that he needs some time off from his everyday errands.  For an update of Burch recent timeline activities, check on

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Jim Tananbaum’s Commitment to Venture Capital

Throughout his career, Jim Tananbaum has created many different companies. He has worked in the venture capital field for years and this has allowed him to learn as much as possible about it. It has also given him the chance to make sure that he is doing what he can to provide people with new opportunities in the businesses that they have. He knows that having venture capital available to different people is something that is important but what he is also able to recognize is that special in different venture capital niches is even more important. It allows the company the chance to make sure that they are getting what they can out of the options that are available to them at the time that they are doing more with the business. Jim Tananbaum knows that the value of a business is in finding a niche that nobody else has taken control of.

For Tananbaum, the perfect niche is healthcare. He sees it as something that is not going to go away and something that people are going to need venture capital with for a long time. He knows that it can be complicated to get the right type of money and investments in the healthcare industry and that many people will be looking for it. He also knows that the profit margins for healthcare investment are huge and that he is able to make a lot of money from it in the time that he is going to be offering investments. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

The Foresite Capital company is one that he started with the intention of providing the service to healthcare companies. He wants to make sure that he is doing what he can to give them the chance to make more money and to be able to profit from the different things that they have available to them. Jim Tananbaum is able to recognize that healthcare can get so much better through the use of a venture capital firm like Foresite Capital. He does this so that he will be able to do more with the money that he has. Sourced info:

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