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Livio Bisterzo; An Innovative Genius

As the creator of Hippeas, Livio Bisterzo is an innovative and outstanding genius who are all inspired by. Livio Bisterzo is an extremely enthusiastic person, engaging in entrepreneurial ventures since as long ago as 2003 when he was first in college at the University of London where he achieved his Bachelor with honors in the area of Business and Management in Fashion.

Livio Bisterzo first started his now widely acclaimed adventures into the entrepreneurial world with youth culture where he took place honing his skills in marketing to better and grow his community at large, helping with events and other such social gatherings and societal gains. From there he went on in search of something he thought would be more difficult that could really challenge his great ability and creative mind by indulging in multiple different industries and applying his creativity to the world he knew by creating many of his own brands.

Inspired by the idea of enjoying life while staying healthy and pursuing a way to market healthy living to as many people as he can possibly find ways to connect with as well as being highly passionate in the areas of relationships, team-building, sports, food, design, leadership, and brands on Twitter, Bisterzo is a highly accomplished and varied man of many grand talents that knows what he wants and how to go after it with all of his soul and power.

Livio Bisterzo has never been afraid to try something new and attempt to grow something out from the very bottom of a vague idea into a business empire. Giving much of his life including many long dutiful years of hard work and dedication to his craft and impeccable creativity, he has become one of the most detail oriented individuals in his field.

Going on to accomplish so much and becoming the founder of a multitude of brilliant companies such as Green Park Holdings, where made point to create what he calls his “innovative multi-channel food and drinks brand,” Bisterzo has made his name known in a health and nutrition realm of business that is growing so fast it is exceedingly difficult to keep up. His goal in life is to push the world to seek out the best us that we can be, and thanks to his astute manner and audacious mind on Twitter, we are inspired by his cleverness and care for a future society on the brink of brilliance.



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