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What’s happening with Bruce Levenson and the lawsuit brought against AIG?

What has happened with the former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group and their lawsuit for breach of contract against AIG Insurance Company over a breach of contract? In a report by ESPN, claims were made by a former general manager of the Hawks Danny Ferry and controlling partner Bruce Levenson, who in 2015 hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the Atlanta Hawks team. The current lawsuit does not include current principal owner Tony Ressler, who bought the team from Levenson for a cool $730 million.

The present lawsuit, which was filed September 13 in Fulton County Superior Court, is a civil action for breach of contract and bad faith insurance. In the lawsuit, the Atlanta Hawks group makes claims that bad employment practices such as wrongful termination and torts are to blame for losses to the company. They gave notice to the insurance company in April of last year because of Ferry’s claims that he believed were covered but was not.

What the claim demands in a financial settlement is not being revealed. According to the suit, AIG, the insurance company, has not acknowledged that a claim was made and that the party further refuses to participate in any defense against the claim.

A buyout agreement though reached in June 2015, still did not prevent the lawsuit from being filed. The Atlanta Hawks current ownership has no comment on the matter because those parties involved in the suit no longer have ties to the team or franchise.

Levenson is a partner at United Communications Group (UGC). He is also owner of Atlanta Spirit. He co-founded UCG in 1977 with Ed Peskowitz; previously, Levenson wrote for both Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Since early 2015, Levenson has been a director for TechTarget and Washington, Levenson was also president of the I Have a Dream Foundation and has been involved throughout his career in philanthropy. Read:

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DEVCO Loan Raises Questions

Recent news say that a company known as Middlesex County Improvement Authority from the United States has not been able to pay its loan. The loan taken was one million dollars, and the interest has accrued to twenty million. Another institution, known as Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was also given a loan. Reports posted in Press of Atlantic City say that the loans were issued in the year 2005, and both institutions have not been able to pay. The loan given to Middlesex County Improvement Authority was meant for the construction of Heldrich.

Heldrich is a new project that is expected to change the lives of many individuals in the city. Upon completion, the building would serve as a conference room and hotel for the guests and other individuals who will be visiting.

Stephen Sweeney, the current senate president of the area says that the actions by these companies should not be entertained. According to Stephen Sweeney, the action by the private companies was actually a clever way of acquiring public money to execute some of their large projects. Rumors say that another private institution called Atlantic Development Corp is planning to get more public funds to execute its private project. The loan is expected to be around two hundred million dollars.

The case is already in court, and the two accused institution have already hired a lawyer, Christopher Paladino to defend them. Paladino is one of the most popular lawyers in the city, and the reports say that he was in charge of helping the companies get the loans when they needed them. According to Paladino, his clients are planning to pay the loan and all the interest accumulated, but he says that this would take several years. The projects are still not completed, and they have not been able to make profits.

Heldrich, one of the projects is a building that has two hundred rooms, and it was completed in 2007. The financial crisis had just started, and it was tough for the hotel to make money during such a time.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation, also referred to as Devco is a private non-profit making company. The company specializes in the real estate industry, and it was founded in the 1970s.


Brian Bonar Explains How Companies Can Snag Federal Contractor Contracts

Finance executive, Brian Bonar points out there is one sector of the economy that always remains poised for growth: the federal government and more entrepreneurs should take advantage. The government spends hundreds of billions of dollars that is passed through to the states.

A large portion of that money goes directly to small companies, moreover, the government has set a goal that a percentage of state issued contracts be directed to small businesses. According to the Dalrada Corporation CEO, Brian Bonar, every small businesses should look into the opportunity of snagging a government contract.

“Government contracts are plentiful yet the screening process is challenging so patience is critical,” says Bonar. The road to a government contract is not easy. They can be fickle, and contracting standards and guidelines can be inflexible. On average, it may take a new businesses approximately two years to develop the required expertise to land a contract, but its highly advisable you take a shot at selling your services. As Bonar points out in the Bitsylink article,”How to be an Accomplished Finance Executive…,”you must be versatile to meet various company cultures.

Research To Find Opportunities

PR Newswire, Brian Bonar suggests locating those agencies, and sub-agencies that are better suited to purchase your services and learn how they network. If you offer something the government frequently needs most likely it will be found in the government’s GSA schedule. Each forecasts for products and services will list contact information. Businesses can also find contract opportunities on the Federal Biz Opps website. Currently, there are nearly 30,000 vendor opportunities.

Vendors also need to enroll in the federal contractor registration database since officials often perform database searchese to award state contracts. Once registered, vendors that meet specific guidelines are prompted to complete more advanced profiles that explain their capabilities.

Bonar recommends companies pay special attention to their narratives. “When completing a profile, do not neglect past performance and the optional fields like keywords because the lowest price is not always the determining factor anymore,” and “Technical ability and capability weigh heavily.” Keep in mind, after solicitations, if the government accepts your offer, that still doesn’t guarantee you a purchase. Companies must still market themselves to all prospectives.

Learning From Mistakes

According to Brian Bonar, it never hurts to ask questions. If your bid was not accepted, you can requrest a debriefing from the agency. Most of the times they will tell you where you went wrong, and that’s an important element to take advantage of.

Most importanly, Brian Bonar says, take a leap and find opportunities.

Christopher Burch: A True Inspiration

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a successful investor and entrepreneur, look no farther than the life of Christopher Burch. Christopher Burch is now one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, and he has recently been named one of the top billionaires in the world by Forbes. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and he has an investment portfolio of over 50 successful startups and businesses. When it comes to entrepreneurship, he is an absolute success.

Christopher Burch had a modest upbringing in Pennsylvania. He was the son of a business owner, whose father always tried to teach him about money and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps. To teach him the value of work, Christopher’s father got him employed at a construction company when he was 13 years old. This upbringing gave Christopher the knowledge and drive that he needed to become successful later in life.

While attending Ithaca college some years later, Christopher and his brother, Bob, started their own apparel business that bought sweaters for cheap and then sold them at a profit. They invested just $2,000 in this venture, and in a decade it grew to having more than $140 million in sales. They were able to sell the business a few years after that for $165 million, fueling Christopher’s need to continue innovating and investing. This is when Christopher decided to work for himself and create Burch Creative Capital.

The business model of Burch Creative Capital is simple. Christopher wants to find the most new, disruptive, and interesting technologies on the market. He wants those technologies that other investors might stay away from because they are too new and risky. He wants them to be imaginative and extremely fresh, as well as to creative a positive impact on the consumers that use the services or purchase the products. With this business model, he has become successful in the apparel and real estate spaces, helping start and nurse to health businesses like ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Jawbone, Poppin, Voss Water, TRADEMARK, and the Faena Hotel + Universe. Christopher would like to also get more involved in technology and other emerging markets like organic foods in the future.

Each year, Christopher also gives away millions to charities and causes that inspire him, such as the Child Welfare League of China and the Sumba Foundation. Forbes agrees that Christopher Burch is truly an inspiration to anyone that wants to be an entrepreneur.

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Just One Gooee LED Porch Light Can Go A Long Way

Every homeowner has a porch light they need to use if they want to make sure that people can see when they get on the porch. The porch is a very good place to come when people want to talk, and the porch is a place that needs to be lit up as much as possible. The lighting that is chosen for the porch has to be a beacon of light that anyone who use. These lights will be so bright that people can hunker down on the porch, and they can stand and talk for a long time if they want.

There are many people who want to be sure that they can get the lights to turn on and off when it gets light and dark. The homeowner knows that they need to have a plan to turn the lights on and off, and the only way to take care of that is to get Gooee LED lighting. The Gooee LED lights are very strong, and they will cast a wide map around the area. Everyone who wants to be sure that they can get better lighting needs to ask for the Gooee LED lights and the Gooee fixtures.

The Gooee LED bulbs are so powerful that everyone will be able to see a change, and they will feel like they do not have to use different bulbs. These tiny LED bulbs can go a long way, and they will help everyone stand on the porch comfortably every night.

How Ken Goodgame Ascended to the International Trading Scene

Since 2013, Ken Goodgame has been the senior vice president and the chief merchandising officer of True Value Company, managing activities in merchandising, marketing, pricing, and sourcing. While working for this company, he hired category management teams and launched programs that continue to generate billions in profits.

Goodgame’s career in marketing and merchandising

According to Crunchbase, Kenneth Goodgame graduated from University of Tennessee-Knoxville in 1980 with a degree in Marketing and Finance. Formerly, Goodgame works as SVP and CMO at True Value Company. He is skilled in a variety of fields such as P&L Management, Retail, Merchandising, Product Development Forecasting Leadership, and sales. Goodgame began his career in 1980 where he worked as a senior merchandising manager for Black and Decker, an American manufacturer of power tools, accessories, and hardware products.

In 1994, he started working at The Home Depot as the product merchandise manager of Garden Hardlines. His work was to manage retails, assortments, line reviews, and roll outs of all new programs at Garden Hardlines. In 1999, Goodgame relocated to Atlanta where he was promoted to the director of proprietary brands managing all aspects of vigor, workforce, and power tools at Scotts Power Equipment. He participated in launching strategies in retail pricing and store merchandising. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

In 2001, he was promoted to the senior global product merchant in charge of North America power equipment. One year later, he was appointed the president of Newell Rubbermaid. While in this company, he headed the cleaning department increasing the company’s annual sales to $170 million. He also established a microfiber commercial cleaning program that was used to reduce nonsocial infections in hospitals.

According to Spokeo, Kenneth Goodgame launched a small wares program that improved quality at all GM’s thereby increasing the program sales. In 2004, he was appointed as the head .of Bernzomatic, a division of Newell Rubbermaid. In this division, he also increased the company’s profits by launching two programs.

Goodgame also worked as a lead strategist holding the position senior vice president of IRWIN and Shurline painting products. His work was to channel marketing for both businesses. In 2008, he moved to Techtronic Industries where he specialized in the evaluation of acquisitions and management of Baja motorsports divisions.