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Magnises: The Ultimate Solution to a Young Professional Problems

Magnises came into existence in 2014 when it was established by Billy McFarland. He stated that his main aim in coming up with this card was to help members build a perfect network. This private club gives the younger professionals exclusive access to some of the best and special events as well as deals on the biggest cities especially those found on the East Coast. Some of these cities include Washington DC and New York City. Whenever you flash the Magnises Card, you get to enjoy benefits such as discounts at various places such as bar and clubs, restaurant and you are also able to reserve experiences such as luxurious getaways as well as private concerts. The card is then usually connected to your credit card or the bank account so that you can be able to make the payments. The founder of this service said that they tied this black card to the debit or credit card as everyone carries the two most of the times.

Over the past few months, the membership has increased to about 12,000 members, and this has led to the management to add some new benefits on For instance, the card is now allowing New York-based Magnises members to access Alley, a co-working facility for only $99. Magnises corporate offices are located in this facility. This is very cheap for its members as normally; the co-working space usually rents at $500 a month. This startup does not only care about working class. Magnises is also planning to come up with a feature that will be referred to as Clubpass. This feature will then allow members of Magnises to access the prestigious New York night clubs for just a fee of $65 a month.

There is also another feature called the HotelPass. This feature will be aimed at allowing Magnises members to stay at the hotels of their dreams in New York for just $79 a night. The founder noted that these places are places that most people dream of going but cannot afford to because of the price being too high. Members can also spend a night at the prestigious dream hotel for just $245 a night. With the hotel brand opening in other places around the globe, the move to join hands with Magnises is a way of penetrating the market on The founder of Magnises says that Dreamland wants Magnises members to think of the hotel first when they want to travel for business or even vacation.

Magnises has proven to be a good deal for hotel brands as well as clubs. This is because the club is mainly made up of young working professionals that are aged between 21yrs old and about 35 years old. These are young people working in established or upcoming industries such as fashion, technology, and even finance. Magnises members don’t just think for themselves; the app also recommends for the where to go and when. The app lets the members know what is happening in other places of town that might interest them. The Magnises has all that a young traveler with little money wants.

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