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WEN By Chaz Wows Beauty Blogger Delivering New Shine And Body

Are you tired of your flat, dull, do nothing mane?
You are not alone, because having fine, thin hair is actually quite common, and beauty blogger Emily McClure knew all about it. She desired the kind of Hollywood hair she saw on those famous YouTube advertisements with WEN by Chaz, but was it possible?

Emily decided to give WEN by Chaz a 7-day test run and report her findings to She even kept a daily hair log with hair selfies to show readers how WEN was working.

Emily made a superb choice in WEN by Chaz, because it is the original and genuine no lather shampoo system. Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean developed his special line of cleansing conditioners without the damaging sulfates that regular shampoos and conditioners contain. Instead, his holistic approach used natural formulas with wonderful botanical ingredients, and his star clientele fell in love with these Amazon sold one-bottle wonders that restored shine, strength and body to all hair types and hair conditions.

Emily chose to wash with WEN in the shower each morning, and as she began the routine, noticed the extra thickness and softness her strands were developing. As she blow-dried and styled, she saw what all these celebrities had gained in new body, shine and movement. Emily was super happy and posted the amazing results in her hair selfies, and her girlfriends immediately wanted to know her secret.

Emily was enjoying using Wen by Chaz, but her work schedule was starting to hog her time, so she altered the WEN routine and noticed some differences.

If you’re aiming for the ultimate WEN by Chaz results, then Emily advises you stick to a daily AM wash and always follow with time and effort into a blow-drying and styling session.

Now, you’re good to go. Check out the Wen website at