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Enjoy Private Dining at Tarallucci e Vino

When entertaining guests or dining out for special events, it is common to inquire about the restaurants that offer exclusive private rooms that allow people to play host in a classy dining environment. Occasions such as engagement parties, birthday parties, rehearsal dinners or even wedding parties can prove to be extra special when the dining area is exclusive and the guests feel comfortable and relaxed. While New York City features an insurmountable number of fine dining establishments, there are a few that offer a secluded ambience. These restaurants offer tasty and succulent dishes that complements the atmosphere.

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
This restaurants serves breakfast lunch and dinner and a gorgeous brasserie setting. The U-shaped booths capacious and tempting. The restaurant is decorated with copper pots, blue and white pattern tiles, white marble and a rustic ambience framing the fresh and clean bakery. The oysters and shellfish platters are among the most popular items served in that restaurants as well as the rotisserie chicken dinner that feeds two people. The café is a great place to come to when looking for simple American dishes like French toast for breakfast or smoked salmon for dinner. For those looking for more adventure, the restaurant features a private wine cave where you will find a separate bar and space to hosts a more populist events such as a holiday party or family reunion.

Red Farm
Located on the second floor of the West Village building on Broadway, Red Farm is one of the most talked about upper Westside restaurants in New York. Their menu features dishes made of fresh ingredients and all dishes are prepared to cook. Offering tasty dim sum selections, entrées like the Pastrami Eggrolla, the Lobster Long life Noodles, the Pac-Man Shrimp Dumplings and the Duck Spring Rolls all taste refreshing and rejuvenating. The restaurant does not accept reservations so guests are advised to plan for a lengthy wait, but nonetheless the quality of the food in the ambience alone makes it worth it.

Tarallucci E Vino
Located in Union Square, Tarallucci e Vino, a private event venue in New York City, Boasts two beautifully decorated event spaces that would cater to any events perfectly. Chef Riccardo Bilotta offers traditional Italian inspired cuisine prepared with modern culinary techniques that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. The first private room, the Mezzanine, is intimate setting that can serve up to 30 guests for dinner or up to 80 guests for cocktails and drinks. This room has a warm and sophisticated ambience that’s makes people feel welcomed and comfortable. Furnished with custom brick tables, antique furniture and unique wall decorations, the bar and lounge area is a sight to behold. The wine cellar is state-of-the-art, housing selections of wine that is difficult to find.

The sixth floor loft is spacious and elegant enough to be transformed into any setting imaginable. Whether you are entertaining 40 guests for a business presentation or 120 guests for a celebration, the sparkling chandeliers and spectacular atmosphere is sure to impress all of your guests. Tarallucci E Vino Has had the pleasure serving Fortune 500 companies as clients such as Forbes, Spotify, Macy’s, Facebook, Google and even Harvard who have all enjoyed holding private functions at the restaurant. With breathtaking scenery and spacious amenities, clients return time after time to re-experience what the restaurant has to offer.

Discovering Norka

Venezuelan Norka Martinez Luque was conceived in Caracas on February 7, 1986. From her childhood her folks have supported her with preparing in voice, piano, move, and scholastics. Upon graduation from secondary school, she examined Business Administration in France, graduating with certificates in Culinary Arts, Fashion, and Marketing. While an understudy, she developed her enthusiasm for music by joining a band and visiting urban areas and acclimating herself with those included in the European music group. That vocal music inclusion was transformative in light of the fact that it finished in work with Emilio Estefan Jr., surely understood and regarded music maker, in 2008.

Estefan nearby individuals, for example, Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo guided Norka in production of Milagro, a melody with Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors that upheld a positive message that change is conceivable. It was gotten warmly in 2012 in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and her introduction to the world nation, Venezuela, and was a most loved on such music graphs as Latin Music Billboards.

Latino Show Magazine got the center of this youthful craftsman in a quote that depicts her music accentuation: “We as specialists have the immense obligation of conveying a positive message to our fans on the grounds that the verses in our tunes transport them to the most profound levels of their feelings. New rhythms and classes are conceived, however the quintessence of the message that we need to transmit to individuals ought to never show signs of change. With the melody Milagro, I need to communicate something specific of would like to the individuals who are overpowered by an individual emergency, similar to the one that I experienced, and who trust in a marvel to change their lives. I am the aftereffect of a few circumstances which have permitted me to esteem life much more.”

Norka Luque proceeds with her music vocation in 2016 with her late single discharge entitled “Tomorrowland.” Emilio Estefan Jr. remains an encourager for this young woman as she keeps on building up her music vocation, And winning fans’ hearts around the world with her great music.

George Soros: Fighting Oppression in the Midst of Anti-Semitic Conspiracies

George Soros is a herculean figure in the world of finance and for good reason. He has been able to make predictions in the stock market that have made him one of the richest people in the world. This wealthy stock broker has been on the rise most of his adult life, but he did go through some trying times when he was a young boy. Soros had to live in the shadows because the Nazis took over his homeland. The young boy’s identity and religion had become dangerous for him, but his father ensured that the family had falsified papers so they could survive.

There was no doubt that luck was on Soros side, though it was very traumatizing for him. It makes sense that he grew up to have a very strong opinion about democracy and oppression on Politico. George Soros escaped his native land of Hungary to England where he received his formative education, which he would use to make his fortune later. No one would have predicted that his fortune would come with a new set off issues mostly due to his strong democratic values. This man has been supporting many democratic causes, presidential bids, and democratic endeavors around the world.

Take the George Soros conspiracy started by Glenn Beck who had the audacity to suggest that Soros was in cahoots with the Nazi party because he survived their occupation. Beck participated in a special on Fox where he casted Soros as a dangerous figure who is attempting to control the world with his money. Many of the accusations that Beck used against this successful businessperson are well-known to many people. These conspiracies were clearly associated with anti-semitic views. George Soros has been the target of these types of comments for some time, though he has usually never paid too much attention to them, especially because they are insulting.

These types of attacks are coming from anywhere, and the people who do not like this man’s democratic positions just found a new way to attack with the George Soros emails. The George Soros emails are part of the Wikileaks that were just released along with others, RawStory reports. The emails showed that this businessperson has been heavily involved in unmasking any violations against humanity in Israel and Palestine, but those who hate him saw something else. The George Soros Wikileaks are being used to promote him as an anti-Israel monster who wants to besmirch the good name of the country. No doubt the Hungarian-American will not respond to these new allegations associated with the George Soros Wikileaks. It is clear, especially to those who read the emails, that his participation in those regions in the world are nothing but humanitarian acts.

There are some people in this country, and in the world, who simply cannot let go of their prejudice, which is something that Soros is well aware of. Nonetheless, it has not stopped George from leading the charge against injustice in the American way.

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WEN By Chaz Wows Beauty Blogger Delivering New Shine And Body

Are you tired of your flat, dull, do nothing mane?
You are not alone, because having fine, thin hair is actually quite common, and beauty blogger Emily McClure knew all about it. She desired the kind of Hollywood hair she saw on those famous YouTube advertisements with WEN by Chaz, but was it possible?

Emily decided to give WEN by Chaz a 7-day test run and report her findings to She even kept a daily hair log with hair selfies to show readers how WEN was working.

Emily made a superb choice in WEN by Chaz, because it is the original and genuine no lather shampoo system. Popular west coast stylist Chaz Dean developed his special line of cleansing conditioners without the damaging sulfates that regular shampoos and conditioners contain. Instead, his holistic approach used natural formulas with wonderful botanical ingredients, and his star clientele fell in love with these Amazon sold one-bottle wonders that restored shine, strength and body to all hair types and hair conditions.

Emily chose to wash with WEN in the shower each morning, and as she began the routine, noticed the extra thickness and softness her strands were developing. As she blow-dried and styled, she saw what all these celebrities had gained in new body, shine and movement. Emily was super happy and posted the amazing results in her hair selfies, and her girlfriends immediately wanted to know her secret.

Emily was enjoying using Wen by Chaz, but her work schedule was starting to hog her time, so she altered the WEN routine and noticed some differences.

If you’re aiming for the ultimate WEN by Chaz results, then Emily advises you stick to a daily AM wash and always follow with time and effort into a blow-drying and styling session.

Now, you’re good to go. Check out the Wen website at