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Shaygan Kheradpir named top executive of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir took the reins of Coriant, a telecommunications firm dedicated to serving businesses, mobile users, and metropolitan areas in September of 2015. He previously served as an executive for Barclay and Juniper services before coming to the top position at Coriant.

Kherdapir brings almost three decades of experience in the telecommunications industry to his new position. He spent many years working as Verizon’s chief information officer where he helped them grow their business model and expand 4G communications into rural areas. He also spent time with GTE.

Coriant formed from the merger of Nokia Siemens Network, Sycamore Networks and Tellabs. The company faces stiff competition from competitors who are also trying to increase access to optical networks. Large telecommunications providers, such as AT&T, have issued legal challenges to smaller companies laying the lines in areas where many small businesses exist. AT&T company has many unused lines that they have failed to exploit. Giants such as AT&T have not responded by offering their services at lower prices in these areas.

The new head of Coriant faces challenges that run deeper than those faced by larger telecommunications companies. Revenue from leasing access to optical lines decreased by 11% in 2014, a trend which continued through 2015. Kheradapir plans to use his previous experience to reduce or reverse these trends during the 2016 calendar year. He plans to do this by leveraging his sales experience to increase sales of 100G equipment to large and medium sized businesses and by continuing deployment of faster cable in metro areas and expanding mobile access.

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Elle Leland says:

Recognition of the fact that the business have to come strong and powerful makes Coriant as a good example to other business. Doing is clearly suitable and should be recommended more for this type of service. However, many challenges cannot be solved by them because of the need to have hired the best staff because they cannot help you sack or hire.